San Francisco

Five of the world’s best city running routes

Whether you’re an athlete or an amateur, it can be hard to know where to exercise when you arrive in a new city. Luckily, the Strava app has that covered. It lets you compete with other runners, share times and photos and tracks your run. We asked its creators to share the app’s most popular runs

The new global fashion hotlist

From bespoke tailoring in Tokyo to the world’s most coveted T-shirt in San Francisco, Andy Morris investigates the people and places you need to know if you really want to stand out sartorially

Six useful apps for visiting San Francisco

The Bay Area is known for its tech scene, so it’s only natural that there are some amazing apps to help you navigate your way around it. Local tech writer Emily Price reveals six to download now

Six of the world’s best Pride celebrations

A riot at New York’s Stonewall Inn 45 years ago prompted a parade to raise awareness of LGBT rights. Since then, dozens of cities worldwide have adopted their own Pride date to celebrate love and lobby for equality. Lucy Thackray picks six of the finest

How San Jose became the most cutting edge place on Earth

How did an unremarkable expanse of orchards become the world’s technology hub? Rhodri Marsden heads to the heart of Silicon Valley – including a visit to Google’s campus – to investigate the most connected city in the world

Quiz: Can you guess where these Oscar-nominated movies were really filmed?

New Zealand famously filled in for Middle Earth in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. But which other Oscar-winning movies have used a doppelgänger destination while filming? Take our quiz below

On the road with… James Bay

The English singer and songwriter talks about his life on tour, from headlining highs in Montreal to meeting Eric Clapton at the airport

50 states in 52 weeks: a literary road trip through California

People flock to California for sunshine and star gazing, but the state’s coast-hugging cities also have a rich literary heritage that will keep book nerds busy from LA to San Francisco

Seven of the best home away from home hotels

Honesty kitchens, cosy communal living rooms and pillows that are just right… Hannah Hudson tracks down the best places for a ‘home suite home’ break

Nine luxury hotels where pets are welcome

When it comes to holidays, why should you get all the indulgence? From dog butlers to pooch passports, Hannah Hudson reveals the hotel’s promising to give your furry friend the VIP — that’s Very Important Pet — treatment

DJ John Digweed: eight of the best clubbing capitals

The British DJ and record producer gives us his inside track into the world’s coolest partying destinations

San Francisco: turning back the carbon clock

At a time when most cities are struggling to turn back the climate-change clock, San Francisco’s greenhouse gas emissions are bucking the global trend and falling. Gary Diedrichs takes a nearly carbon-neutral break to the city that could teach the planet how to beat global warming

48 (nearly) carbon neutral hours in San Francisco

Gary Diedrichs attempts a low carbon weekend break in green San Fran

San Francisco: an insider’s guide

All roads lead to great food and drink in America’s quintessential culinary city. Locavore Gary Diedrichs guides us to his current farm-fresh favourites

San Francisco’s second gold rush

When the price of gold went above $1,000 an ounce for the first time in history, hundreds of hopefuls — with no experience — descended on California to try to strike it rich. Steve Boggan joins them

San Francisco’s innovative food scene

San Francisco is the spiritual home of Californian cuisine. But what’s new in a city where there’s a restaurant for every 376 people (the highest density in the US)? Local resident and editor-in-chief of ‘Lucky Peach’ magazine, Chris Ying, picks three trends to look out for

Six of the world’s best experimental restaurants

With more top chefs taking a scientific approach to cooking, food and travel writer Fiona Dunlop reveals the establishments that are leading the way in the cutting-edge food movement

The topsy-turvy travel planner: San Francisco for kayaking baseball fans

Travel from a different angle. This month, journey to San Francisco and take to the water for a unique way to enjoy a baseball match

San Francisco: Maupin's real Tales of the City

He's been called the man who ‘invented San Francisco' but with his final Tales of the City book in the bag, has Armistead Maupin moved on? He talks to Eva Wiseman about fame, fans and visiting Russia

Five of the best restaurants in San Francisco, chosen by chefs

Five US chefs pick their personal favourite restaurant in San Francisco, California. By Joe Warwick

Five of the best hotel CDs

So many hotels have a soundtrack, but some are infinitely better than others. Mark Jones listens in on the best CDs in the genre

California dreams

Tim Lott overcomes his British stiff upper lip and lets his inner hippy out in California

San Francisco: Will Self

First, second and even third impressions can be wrong, as Will Self discovered on a recent visit to Frisco