The world’s most hi-tech hotels

The days when we were wowed by power showers and complimentary Wi-Fi are long gone. Today’s hi-tech hoteliers have upped their tech game with robot concierges, android butlers and ‘smart glass’ showers, says Tamara Hinson

USA: Montage Resort and Spa, Laguna Beach, California

With beautifully landscaped grounds, a decadent spa and mesmerizing ocean views from almost every corner, this Southern California beach resort is the last word in laid-back luxury. Laury Smith checks in

San Jose’s best farmer’s markets

San Jose’s year-round sunshine and health-conscious demographic mean the city is packed with farmer’s markets almost every day of the week. From old favourites to seasonal pop-ups, local Ngoc Ngo shares a few of the best

True stories from America’s National Parks

The American government established the National Park Service in 1916 and today there are 411 protected areas across the country. As the scheme celebrates its 100th anniversary next month, Aaron Miller talks to the most influential rangers, scientists and volunteers in the USA

Which American National Park should you visit?

So many awe-inspiring National Parks, so little time... To help you decide which one to start with, High Life enlisted the help of Doug Smith, project leader for the Wolf Restoration Project in Yellowstone. Here he shares his recommendations

Quiz: Can you guess where these Oscar-nominated movies were really filmed?

New Zealand famously filled in for Middle Earth in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. But which other Oscar-winning movies have used a doppelgänger destination while filming? Take our quiz below

60 second interview: George Clooney

From Kentucky to Darfur via Lake Como, George Clooney talks travel

Where next in 2016?

To discover the destinations that should be on your radar next year, who better to ask than leading travel editors, adventurers and globe-trotters from around the world? Issy D’Arcy Clark tracks them down

Alexander von Humboldt: the lost hero of science

Penguins, mountains and part of the Moon are named after him, yet today few know the story of Alexander von Humboldt

Bruno DiFabio: the art (and science) of pizza making

The six-time World Pizza Championship winner is a legend in the USA, with ten artisan pizzerias across the pond. Now he’s bringing his craft to London with NY Fold. Anisha Patel meets the master pizzaiolo and self-confessed pizza geek to find out what makes a great slice

50 states in 52 weeks: a literary road trip through California

People flock to California for sunshine and star gazing, but the state’s coast-hugging cities also have a rich literary heritage that will keep book nerds busy from LA to San Francisco

San Francisco’s second gold rush

When the price of gold went above $1,000 an ounce for the first time in history, hundreds of hopefuls — with no experience — descended on California to try to strike it rich. Steve Boggan joins them

Five festival dates for your diary

Eleanor Ross lists five international festivals you need to know about, from Portugal to Wisconsin

Open-jaw travel: Los Angeles to San Diego

Simon Calder gets California scheming with this open-jaw itinerary flying into Los Angeles and out from San Diego

Writer tips: where to see the night sky

As Northumberland National Park and its surroundings are granted dark sky status, High Life's contributors shed some light on some of the darkest places to go stargazing

California: Rancho Valencia, Rancho Santa Fe

With top of the range spa and sports facilities, Rancho Valencia is the ultimate relaxing California retreat, says Laury Smith

10 of the best family adventures

Emily Payne rounds up a flurry of imaginative family holidays inspired by classic stories from page and screen

Hotel trend: pets and resident animals

From cats to llamas, hotels all over the world are catching on to the charm of a furry (or wrinkly) mascot. Ianthe Butt reports

A brief history of wine: the vine's journey to the New World

Co-founder of the Salt Yard restaurant group, Simon Mullins, on the rich history of wine and the vine's migration across the globe

California: Inn Paradiso

Surrounded by wilderness, filled with treasures and dog-friendly to boot, Paso Robles' Inn Paradiso is the perfect wine region retreat, says Laury Smith

California's festivals and awards shows

When and how to catch the best of California's entertainment, from the eclectic High Sierra Music Festival to the exclusive Academy Awards

California: a film & music tour

Nowhere is more entertaining than California. Whether your bag is movies or rock'n'roll, this 
sunny state is the stuff of which dreams are made. 
Will Hide hops into a convertible to 
check out why it so ignites the imagination

California dreams

Tim Lott overcomes his British stiff upper lip and lets his inner hippy out in California