Six of America’s presidential libraries (and what to see in them)

Barack Obama – who leaves office in January 2017 – will be the latest US leader to build a monument to his presidency and nobody has any doubt that the library in Chicago. But what can you expect to find in the other 13 that that are scattered across the country? Justin Webb outlines his top six – and the artefacts to track down

60 second interview: Mystery Jets

Ten years on from their debut, the band from Eel Pie island in Twickenham debut a more mature sound on their new album Curve of the Earth. Here guitarist and singer William Rees talks holy cities in India, embracing Americana in Texas and partying on Eel Pie

Time travel: star of the skies

We rummage through the British Airways archive to find out what was taking off in the world of aviation way back when. This month, a look back at one of BA’s most iconic planes, the Lockhead TriStar

50 states in 52 weeks: Austin, Texas vs Asheville, North Carolina

With indie-music credentials, a thriving foodie scene and microbreweries churning out craft beers, the laid-back North Carolina town has more than a little in common with the quirky Texan capital. Lauren Steventon puts both cities to the test

Five of Austin's best swimming holes

What could be better than visiting one of the USA's hippest and fastest-growing cities this summer? A range of cooling pools to jump into when the heat gets too much. Isabelle D'Arcy Clark picks some of the best spots to take a dip.

Austin's festival calendar

Austin's most famous festival, SXSW, is winding down now, but it's only the tip of the iceberg for this artsy city. Here are a few of the best if you missed the big one

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Texas: Lake Austin Spa Resort

Offering a perfect combination of luxury, charm and informality, the Lake Austin Spa Resort offers a restful alternative to the hustle and bustle of BA's hip new destination of Austin, Texas, says Leigh Mytton