North America

USA: The Standard, Downtown LA, Los Angeles

This minimalist, ultra-mod boutique hotel is still as hip and happening as it was when it opened in Downtown LA nearly 15 years ago. Don’t miss an early morning dip in its rooftop pool, says Anisha Patel

USA: The Westin San Jose, California

This 1920s hotel is gleaming once again, thanks to a thoughtful, no-expense-spared update – and the Art Deco interiors have left Rhodri Marsden planning a return trip

USA: The Sagamore, Bolton Landing, New York

Scavenger hunts, indoor mini golf, tennis clinics, wakesurfing… you name it, this lakeside resort offers it, not to mention a stunning location and spacious rooms. Little surprise it’s been welcoming guests for over a century, says Sunshine Flint

USA: Whiteface Lodge, Lake Placid, New York

While this rustic-luxe resort may offer some of the best winter and summer activities around, it’s not all about being outside, says Sunshine Flint. With an in-house cinema, bowling alley, and ice cream parlour, there’s plenty to keep you indoors, too

USA: Hotel de Anza, San Jose, California

It may be in the city’s business district but thanks to its Art Deco heritage, this boutique number stands out from the crowd. Jazz hands at the ready, says Rhodri Marsden

Sting: an Englishman on New York

Having sold more than 100m albums solo and as part of the Police, Sting still finds inspiration in his adopted US home

Make new tracks: 10 secret ski spots

They may not be as famous as their big-name counterparts but these unsung ski destinations rival the best when it comes to the perfect powder. Felice Hardy goes off piste to find the top ten

The music of the mountains: Virginia’s country music scene

The Crooked Road leads travellers through the authentic musical history of the USA. Ian Gittins heads to Virginia to uncover the hard-dancing country heartland that has inspired so many great songs

On the road with… singer Julia Holter

The LA-based singer and songwriter on her life on tour, from memorable gigs in Warsaw to exploring India’s Varanasi

The world’s most hi-tech hotels

The days when we were wowed by power showers and complimentary Wi-Fi are long gone. Today’s hi-tech hoteliers have upped their tech game with robot concierges, android butlers and ‘smart glass’ showers, says Tamara Hinson

A shopaholic’s guide to Asheville, North Carolina

The laid-back town of Asheville has been gaining a hip status over the years with its thriving foodie scene, craft microbreweries and quirky street culture. Shane Mitchell shares her guide to Asheville’s best boutiques

Five of the world’s best city running routes

Whether you’re an athlete or an amateur, it can be hard to know where to exercise when you arrive in a new city. Luckily, the Strava app has that covered. It lets you compete with other runners, share times and photos and tracks your run. We asked its creators to share the app’s most popular runs

Five curious places to see art

You don’t need to go to a gallery to find art. From Lanzarote’s seabed to the rainforests of Belize, Katie Gatens discovers works of art in more natural habitats

The art of denim in North Carolina

A new generation of fashion entrepreneurs are rolling the dice in North Carolina, once the heartland of the USA’s rag trade. Their secret weapon? The almost lost skills of garment professionals – now in their 70s and 80s. Mark Ellwood takes a lesson from the older timers

Five of the best places in the world for chocolate

Spencer Hyman, CEO of Cocoa Runners, travels the world seeking out the best chocolate by small, independent artisans and has tasted over 6,000 bars. Here, he picks five chocolate hotspots around the world

Nine reasons to visit Aspen in summer

Philip Wilson goes off-piste – as well as off-road, off-the-ground and on water – as he experiences Aspen’s adrenaline-fuelled activities during the summer months

What does summer look like?

World-beating beaches, sunburnt Brits or the still waters of a fictional lake in Minnesota? From Las Vegas to Willesden Junction, photographers Martin Parr, Mert & Marcus, Nick Knight and more tell us what the season means to them

USA: The Roxy, New York

One of New York’s newest establishments, this hip number has ripped up the hotel rule book and is wowing guests with its collaborative philosophy. Angelina Villa-Clarke checks in with the cool crowd

Video: behind the scenes at The Who’s 50th Anniversary Tour

IAG Cargo transported 36 tonnes worth of musical equipment around North America to support The Who’s latest world tour. Here’s a sneak peak at how they did it

Six of America’s presidential libraries (and what to see in them)

Barack Obama – who leaves office in January 2017 – will be the latest US leader to build a monument to his presidency and nobody has any doubt that the library in Chicago. But what can you expect to find in the other 13 that that are scattered across the country? Justin Webb outlines his top six – and the artefacts to track down

USA: Montage Resort and Spa, Laguna Beach, California

With beautifully landscaped grounds, a decadent spa and mesmerizing ocean views from almost every corner, this Southern California beach resort is the last word in laid-back luxury. Laury Smith checks in

USA: The Mark, New York

One of New York’s iconic hotels is in the limelight again after opening the most expensive suite in the US. Angelina Villa-Clarke checks in

Hail, Caesar! 50 years of Vegas’ Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace changed Vegas forever – and, in a city where longevity is as rare as a royal flush, it’s now celebrating its 50 year winning streak. Faris Mustafa hits the strip

How the Olympics changed the world

As Rio welcomes the Olympic and Paralympic Games, international authors reflect on how cities around 
the world changed in their wake

New York: Viceroy

Despite its Midtown location, this tall, dark and very handsome boutique hotel oozes sleek Downtown style. Anisha Patel falls head over heels

Los Angeles: seven fantastically foodie hangouts

Andrew Bredon of LA-inspired, London eatery Bel-Air, shares his favourite Los Angeles haunts for happy, sunshiney food

50 states in 52 weeks: the best of Kansas City barbecue

Kansas City has become synonymous with smoked meat and is home to some of the most iconic barbecue institutions in the country. Nick Baines embarks on a barbecue trail of the city and lines up the finest barbecue items (and explains exactly where to find them)

Six useful apps for visiting San Francisco

The Bay Area is known for its tech scene, so it’s only natural that there are some amazing apps to help you navigate your way around it. Local tech writer Emily Price reveals six to download now

New York: guess the landmark location

How well do you know Manhattan? Take our map quiz and match the landmark to the map

50 states in 52 weeks: road tripping from Newport, Rhode Island to Cape Cod, Massachusetts

You can get a glimpse into America’s colonial and more recent past, plus the natural glories of New England’s shoreline when you travel the coast from Newport, Rhode Island to Massachusetts’ Cape Cod. Sunshine Flint picks the highlights of the route

San Jose’s best farmer’s markets

San Jose’s year-round sunshine and health-conscious demographic mean the city is packed with farmer’s markets almost every day of the week. From old favourites to seasonal pop-ups, local Ngoc Ngo shares a few of the best

Interview: US National Park Rangers

High Life speaks to two people involved with the National Park Service

Montreal: ten dishes you need to try on Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Montreal’s Boulevard Saint-Laurent is the meeting point of the city’s immigrant communities and a melting pot of cultures – which means you can almost eat your way around the world on one street. Etan Smallman meets the owners of the eclectic dining spots to find out the dishes to order when you’re there

50 states in 52 weeks: Three itineraries for Arkansas

Whether you’re a nature lover, keen history buff or want to discover the melodies of the Natural State, there’s an Arkansas itinerary for you

Montreal: Walking the Main

Montreal’s Saint-Laurent Boulevard is the zipper of the city, separating English and French, west and east. Matthew Lee strolls its length to discover why ‘the Street of Dreams’ is a multilingual, multicultural seam that unites more than it divides

True stories from America’s National Parks

The American government established the National Park Service in 1916 and today there are 411 protected areas across the country. As the scheme celebrates its 100th anniversary next month, Aaron Miller talks to the most influential rangers, scientists and volunteers in the USA

Which American National Park should you visit?

So many awe-inspiring National Parks, so little time... To help you decide which one to start with, High Life enlisted the help of Doug Smith, project leader for the Wolf Restoration Project in Yellowstone. Here he shares his recommendations

I heart LA: a Los Angeles neighbourhood guide

Los Angeles is less of a city and more a collection of suburbs each trying to outshine the other. The eclectic mix of landscapes, culture and Hollywood memorabilia make the temptation to see everything immense – so knowing where the true gems are is key. Brit in LA, Emma Patterson, takes us on a tour

Six of the world’s best Pride celebrations

A riot at New York’s Stonewall Inn 45 years ago prompted a parade to raise awareness of LGBT rights. Since then, dozens of cities worldwide have adopted their own Pride date to celebrate love and lobby for equality. Lucy Thackray picks six of the finest

60 second interview: Mystery Jets

Ten years on from their debut, the band from Eel Pie island in Twickenham debut a more mature sound on their new album Curve of the Earth. Here guitarist and singer William Rees talks holy cities in India, embracing Americana in Texas and partying on Eel Pie

Five of the best distilleries to taste gin

From Sweden to Spain – where gin and tonics are practically the national drink – people can’t enough of the quintessentially British drink. Ahead of World Gin Day, Olivier Ward, co-found of Gin Foundry, picks five distilleries around the world to get spirited away

City hot spot: Fraserhood, Vancouver

Home to Vancouver’s blue collar community for decades, Fraserhood is an eclectic mix of diversity and innovation – with one particular treat for David Lynch fans

How to talk about places you’ll never visit

Travel has a rich heritage of imagined expeditions, from Marco Polo to Jules Verne – and writer Pierre Bayard is the undisputed master of virtual globetrotting. Following the publication of his latest book How To Talk About Places You’ve Never Been, he speaks to High Life about letting your imagination run wild

Write on: five famous travel memoirs

Before the days of Instagram, travellers used pen and paper to document their adventures across the globe. David Cole, director of Pen Heaven, chooses five of his favourite travel journals to inspire you on your next trip

How San Jose became the most cutting edge place on Earth

How did an unremarkable expanse of orchards become the world’s technology hub? Rhodri Marsden heads to the heart of Silicon Valley – including a visit to Google’s campus – to investigate the most connected city in the world

On the road with Nashville’s Charles Esten

The American actor, country singer and all round Renaissance man talks super fans and killing time on the road

The world’s best beaches 2016: best beaches for sport

Whether it’s kayaking or kitesurfing, our experts have tested the tides and currents of beaches worldwide to find the best beaches for sport

50 States in 52 weeks: UFO spotting in Colorado, Arizona, New Jersey and Nevada

The dusty deserts of the US are hotspots for UFO sightings – even the former US President Jimmy Carter filed a report to say he’d seen one. Here High Life examines the otherworldly goings-on recorded in four states famed for their paranormal activity

50 States in 52 weeks: things to do in New Hampshire whatever the season

Home to the Great North Woods, several jewel-like lakes, and Mount Washington (the highest peak in the northeastern US), the so-called ‘Granite State’ is a great place to get lost – in a good way. Editor of New Hampshire Magazine Rick Broussard leads the expedition…

See New York through the eyes of British photography students

What happens when you ask a group of young photography students to capture one of the most frequently snapped cities in the world? High Life found out on a recent trip to New York

My New York: DJ Gina Turner

A regular on the New York club scene, international DJ Gina Turner curates a New York playlist for High Life and talks meditation and music in the city

50 States in 52 weeks: Missouri vs Ohio: who reigns supreme in sports?

Sports fandom is strong in the Midwest with good reason – there’s plenty to cheer for across various games. Two states in particular, Missouri and Ohio, produce some of the most dedicated enthusiasts. But which one has the upper hand? Midwestern native Samantha Lande examines the state of play

Meet the man who helped James Corden break America

English producer Ben Winston has helped establish The Late Late Show as must-see TV on both sides of the Atlantic

Why New York was best in the 1990s, by Candace Bushnell

Before the TV series, the fashion trends and the tours, Sex and the City began life as a newspaper column in 1994. It went on to define Manhattan for the rest of the decade – and made Manolos, cosmpolitans and cupcakes famous worldwide. Here, its creator remembers when you had to actually be there to experience it

Which is better: New York or London?

New York and London are two of the greatest cities in the world – often compared, but each with their own unique qualities. From rooftop bars to the best views, London-based New Yorker Christasia Wilson discovers the best of both worlds

Why New York was best in the 1970s by Nile Rodgers

Being turned away from Studio 54 gave Nile Rodgers band Chic one of their biggest hits. To mark his spectacular new Fold Festival, held in London in June and New York in August, the legendary performer and producer shares his thoughts on the Big Apple in the 1970s, Cuban street food and Saturday Night Fever’s subtext

I heart NY: The man who fell in love with New York

With just three letters – and one symbol – Milton Glaser’s ‘I heart NY’ logo changed 
this city’s fortunes and became one of the most recognisable emblems ever created. Ahead of the 40th anniversary of its creation, Zach Udko meets the man behind the design

New York Now by James Ramsey

The architect behind the Lowline, the most radical design project in modern New York, on why we need 
to look back to see the way ahead

My New York: Chef Gabrielle Hamilton on NYC’s changing food scene

One of the most influential restaurants in New York history ate every part of the animal and thumbed its nose at fine dining. Gabrielle Hamilton, the chef behind Prune and the author of memoir Blood, Bones & Butter, talks about a culinary revolution that began in 1999

Jonathan Ross film review: Brooklyn

The broadcaster and film critic reviews the latest inflight films. This month: Brooklyn

Why New York was best in the 1980s, by Bret Easton Ellis

Wall Street’s yuppie culture was taken to a grotesque conclusion in American Psycho, but its author remains nostalgic for the scabrous New York of that decade

Dominique Ansel: The best bakeries in New York City

The New York-based French pastry chef is the inventor of the Cronut (part croissant, part doughnut). Here he shares his favourite places for satisfying a sweet tooth in NYC

Global tribes: New York’s senior style mavens

The global groups, trends and subcultures you may not know about. This month, the unlikely but fabulous fashionistas of New York

Five New York bites under $25

You don’t have to empty your wallet for a decent fill in NYC. Peter Meehan, editor and founder of Lucky Peach magazine, rounds up the city’s best cheap eats

My New York: The luxury hotel concierge

Chef concierge Frederick Bigler has been working his magic at The Peninsula New York since 2010. Here he shares his insider secrets for making the most of the Big Apple

My New York: Julia Stiles

Award-winning actress and native New Yorker Julia Stiles grew up in Soho and lives in the East Village. Here she shares her favourite city spots – from the park of her childhood, to the best place to sing Purple Rain

City swap: How to experience New York in London

Want to get a taste of the Big Apple before you visit? London is bursting at the seams with New York style venues allowing you to sample the best of the US – with a British twist. Katie Gatens chooses her favourites

Quiz: What’s your New York personality?

In a city full of tribes, where Brooklyn hipsters hustle alongside stiletto-clad fashionistas and cwaffee-quaffing old-schoolers, take our quiz to find out where you fit in

Let’s hear it for New York: the city’s best live music venues

The city that brought you Lou Reed, Lady Gaga and Jay-Z has never been short of venues. Whether it’s blockbuster bands or hot new talent you're after, Edmund Vallance suggests eight of the best places to hear live music

Harvey Keitel’s New York

The American actor, famous for his roles in New York classic films, Mean Streets and Taxi Driver, gives us an intimate insight into his New York City

10 quiet places in New York

As her book on peaceful spots in the Big Apple is published, writer and artist Siobhan Wall shares her tips on where to find ten of the most tranquil places to walk, eat and visit in this lively city

Lady Gaga’s New York

As her feverishly anticipated new album ARTPOP is released in the UK, we take a tour of the places in her native New York that Lady Gaga passed through on her road to stardom

Five of the best classic New York brunches

Brunch is a New York institution — the lazy, greedy breakfast that goes on well into your weekend afternoon (and often comes with a glass of bubbly)

Where to shop for kids in New York

Looking for a unique gift for kids this holiday season? From on-trend boutiques to iconic toy stores, shopping editor Tiffany Yannetta tracks down the must-shop places in the city

Are you a cargo king or a cardboard box? Take our big air cargo quiz

Planes aren't just for holidays: hundreds of tonnes of cargo are shipped by IAG Cargo on British Airways passenger planes every day. So how much do you know about what’s travelling and where it’s going? Take our quiz to find out

50 States in 52 weeks: Portland, Oregon vs. Portland, Maine

Two great cities, same great name. Sitting on opposite coasts and separated by an eight hour flight, Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine each have their own unique character. However, in the game of Top Trumps, there can only be one winner. Travel writer and Portland Oregon resident, Ian Nelson, examines the stats and facts for each city to see how they compare

Now new next: Harry Potter experiences

Almost 20 years after the boy wizard first hit our shelves, Potter spin-offs are still going strong. Here High Life charts the trend

50 States in 52 weeks: Detroit for street food

Detroit is putting itself back on the map with its thriving quick-serve food scene. Native Detroiter Samantha Lande shines a spotlight on the family-run businesses behind the revolution, and recommends the places worth a visit

City hot spot: Art District Las Vegas

Midway between the Strip and Downtown, the Arts District is revealing 
a new side to Sin City

Who’s laughing now? High Life meets Assscat

You may not have heard of Los Angeles’ most talked about improv show: but you probably know Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari and Tina Fey, just some of the former participants in Asssscat, a breeding ground for comedy talent. Andy Morris travels to LA to meet the founding members.

David Attenborough: Any questions?

His voice is instantly recognisable and his contribution to our understanding of the behaviour of animals and plants is unparalleled. As he turns 90, High Life quizzes Sir David Attenborough on his long career observing life through a lens

20 years of Major League Soccer

When the USA was given the honour of hosting the 1994 World Cup, one of the conditions Fifa set out was that the country had to establish a top-tier professional soccer league. Soccer (or football to most of us) was already the most popular sport in the rest of the world but, surprisingly for a nation of sports-lovers, the USA’s interest in the beautiful game lagged some way behind.

Evander Holyfield’s guide to Florida

The American former boxer is best known for his World Heavyweight Champion titles and for the infamous 1996 fight in which his ear was bitten by Mike Tyson. These days he’s traded in his boxing gloves for the beaches, bars and burgers of Florida. High Life asked him for his top spots, including where he likes to eat, work out and watch sport

How to plan an adventure holiday

From leaping out of a plane in Switzerland to scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, an adventure holiday is the best way to get an adrenalin rush, says Meg Jerrard of Here she shares her top six planning tips to ensure you get the most from your trip

50 States in 52 weeks: one night in New Orleans

So you’ve only got one night in one of America’s hottest cities? Here’s your hour-by-hour gameplan for making the most of New Orleans after dark

On the road with… Primal Scream

After 34 years of mind-expanding music and debauched touring, lead singer Bobby Gillespie talks recording in Scandinavia, gifts from fans and nightmare gigs, gifts from Japanese fans and the most thought-provoking books to read on the road

60 second interview: Thomas Rhett

Ahead of his gig at C2C festival at London’s O2, the country music sensation tells High Life about the places that inspire him the most and what it’s like growing up in a musical family

Photographer Gregory Crewdson: The place beyond the pines

No one has captured the drama and drive of small-town America more stylishly than photographer Gregory Crewdson. Ahead of his new book, Aimee Farrell speaks to him about his work

50 states in 52 weeks: The US as seen on screen: Minnesota, Washington, Georgia, South Dakota, and Maryland

From icy mountains to cinematic towns and spooky cornfields these five states have all been used for cult US TV shows. Ellen E Jones checks out places to visit from the shows

City hotspot: Why you should explore Back Bay, Boston

Once rather anonymous, this corner of Bean Town is now home to a host of buzzed-about independent restaurants and stylish stores

60 second interview: George Clooney

From Kentucky to Darfur via Lake Como, George Clooney talks travel

Love is in the air: Eight Valentine’s Day gifts to pick up on your next flight

Need a last-minute gift for your other half? Editor of High Life Shop, Lisa Herriott, shares her favourite beauty buys from the Jan-March edition

What I pack... Gloria Steinem

Journalist, activist and avid spokeswoman for the feminist movement since the 1960s, 
Gloria Steinem has had a lifetime of travelling the world and putting it to rights. In our regular series, she reveals her essential items for any journey

John Simpson: letter from San Diego

What the world’s most famous correspondent gets up to off duty. This month he heads to San Diego

Keith’s Connections: Los Angeles

This month, BA's executive chairman shares his thoughts on LA

Eight of the world’s quirkiest museum collections

From voodoo dolls to ramen noodles, here are some of the most unusual collections the world has to offer

The boa veterans of Las Vegas

Every year, the legends of the burlesque world convene in Las Vegas, many of whom are the former stars of the original scene 40 years ago. Kate Salter meets the women who are still spinning their tassels (and more) in their 60s, 70s and even 80s

Quiz: Can you name all ten of these US states?

How good is your US geographical knowledge? Put your skills to the test with our interactive quiz. Warning: It may start easy, but it definitely gets harder...

The story of the Bronx

In recent years, the Bronx's status as an outsider district has been threatened by gentrification. Now, as Baz Luhrmann’s new series, The Get Down, explores its past, Zach Udko considers the future of New York City’s northernmost borough

America’s X-files: Exploring the Corbis film archive

Occupying 20,000 square feet of an abandoned limestone mine in Pennsylvania are state secrets, classified documents and the world’s greatest photographs. Bella Bathurst is granted access to the Corbis film archive, holder of the moments that defined a nation

Interview: British NBA player Luol Deng

A political refugee from a war-torn country, Luol Deng’s rise to the top of professional basketball has been one of the most remarkable in the sport’s history. Faris Mustafa meets this giant of the court

James Corden: The late-night maverick

From playing the sidekick in Gavin & Stacey to hosting one of the most talked about shows in America, James Corden has succeeded against the odds. Andy Morris goes backstage in LA to meet High Wycombe’s most famous export

Rhinestone cowboys: Gay rodeo in the USA

There are numerous rodeos across America, but only one also has lashings of glitter, neon and drag queens. Will Hide saddles up and heads to the World Gay Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas

Ledge of glory: Extreme cliff camping in Colorado

Looking to take adventuring to the next level? Try sleeping 18 storeys up while cliff camping – a sport that’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. Jonathan Thompson clips himself on for a night to remember

In pursuit of Johnny Appleseed in Ohio

He is one of the USA’s most enduring and eccentric folk heroes. Tracy Chevalier 
hits Ohio’s back roads to discover the truth behind the legend of the man who changed 
America’s tastes

Eight curious small towns in America

Planning a trip to the Land of the Free, but fancy something quieter than the bright lights and bustle of New York, Las Vegas or DC? If quaint, eccentric and bizarre are more your bag, opt for a visit to one of the many quirky small towns brimming with character across the country

The best place to... USA edition

The best place to dig up a diamond, have a close encounter with an alien or ensure that you live forever. Whatever you crave, you’ll find the place for it in the USA. But, as Issy D’Arcy Clark discovers, you may end up somewhere surprising

The topsy-turvy travel planner: Orlando for foodies

Our regular feature explores travel from a different angle. This month, unexpected great bites in the sunshine state

The world’s hardest travel quiz

Think you know your capital cities from your continents and your roubles from your ringgit? Take our rock-hard travel quiz and find out whether you’re a just novice or the next Christopher Columbus

New York: The New York Edition

The New York Edition instantly impressed the city’s glamour set with its buzzing lobby and Jason Atherton restaurant – but you may have a hard time tearing yourself away from its luxuriously cool rooms, as Anisha Patel discovers

What makes a city ‘smart’?

Google ‘smart city’ and you’re likely to read about shiny technological utopias in the Middle East and South Korea. But according to Dr Adam Dennett, course director for CASA UCL’s MSc Smart Cities and Urban Analytics course, the most intelligent are the ones that use data for the greater good

50 States in 52 weeks: Nevada's solar power art

How a new solar-power plant in the Mojave Desert became the unlikely subject of a photo series by American photographer Jamey Stillings

Eight epic adventures for 2016

From a snowy trek across Japan to a helicopter safari in Kenya, these inspiring holiday ideas will guarantee your next trip is unforgettable

50 states in 52 weeks: the cool side of Nashville

Don’t tell the rest of the Brooklyn-worshipping world, but East Nashville just might be the hippest, coolest, most authentic neighbourhood on the planet right now. Here Sunshine Flint shares where to eat, shop, stay, and play

High Life Entertainment guide: January 2016

Flying with BA this month? Here are the entertainment highlights to look out for – from Jonathan Ross’ review of 'Black Mass' to Cerys Matthews’ favourite new music

50 States in 52 Weeks: Road tripping from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

While visiting Las Vegas and Grand Canyon National Park back-to-back makes for a memorable holiday, guidebook author Alan Rider says the road trip between them can be half the fun

Ten hair-raising hikes

Want a walk with a side order of thrills? Adventurous travel writer and keen hiker, Andrew Bain, shares his pick of the world’s most rousing routes

The Global City Index 2016

With most of the Earth’s population now living in urban areas, what does this mean for how we will all live and work in the future? Feargus O’Sullivan takes stock of the leading lights and unexpected new additions to the geographic grid for the year ahead

Keith's connections: Where to celebrate Christmas

This month, BA's executive chairman shares the best destinations for celebrating Christmas (or avoiding it...)

Eight cities to see in the New Year in style

Love it or hate it, you can’t escape the fact that New Year’s Eve is fast approaching. From San Jose to Sydney, the experts at BarChick pick the best destinations to ring in 2016

Quiz: which British Airways destination is right for you?

With the new year fast-approaching, there’s never been a better time to plan your 2016 adventure. But where to next? Take our quiz to find out which destination is right for you

Where next in 2016?

To discover the destinations that should be on your radar next year, who better to ask than leading travel editors, adventurers and globe-trotters from around the world? Issy D’Arcy Clark tracks them down

New York: 10 Broadway shows to book for the 2015 holiday season

Broadway has a bumper crop of family friendly shows this Christmas. Regular transatlantic theatre visitor and critic Mark Shenton shares his top ten

Six sure-fire ways to keep kids entertained on flights

Sarah-Jane Butler, founder of and mother of two, shares her favourite of travel games, toys and apps that will help keep your kids (and you) happy in the air — even on a long-haul flight

50 states in 52 weeks: New Year’s Eve in Wisconsin, Idaho, Connecticut and South Carolina

Jessica Teas explores the local customs and traditions that help revellers across America see in the New Year, from gigantic balls of cheese in Wisconsin to a steaming plate of Hoppin’ John in South Carolina

The hottest foodie destinations of 2015

With Danish dining in Asia and Michelin star-spotting in Europe, there were some exciting contenders for the best foodie destination of 2015. Here are five places that pushed boundaries to become celebrated dining hotspots

Hitting a new high: the rebirth of New York opera

Not long ago, New York’s opera scene was in crisis: one of its major institutions folded and young audiences stayed away. But independent creatives have reinvigorated this classical art form — with experimental stagings everywhere from basements and the Bronx Zoo to performances online — and have won new fans along the way

High Life Entertainment guide: December 2015

Your guide to this month’s inflight entertainment highlights, from Jonathan Ross’ review of Mistress America to London band Foal’s fourth album — and a healthy does of Frank Sinatra’s Christmas tunes

New York: six strategies for surviving the Thanksgiving sales

Shopping after Thanksgiving is not for the faint-hearted — especially so in New York. But Tiffany Yannetta, editor of shopping website RackedNY, has the perfect battle plan to avoid the mobs of bargain hunters

Pilot Q&A: Senior first Officer Gemma Dixon

Senior First Officer Gemma Dixon played lacrosse for England before taking to the skies

Future gazing: how will we travel in 2055?

By the time the next 500 issues of High Life are published — taking us through to 2055 — travel will have changed beyond recognition. But how? Here are the predictions from people in the know

Ski: a gourmet guide to the slopes

We’re firm believers that the best way to a skier’s heart is through their tummy, so here’s our guide to ski towns where food will take centre stage this winter

40-odd years of travel: what has really changed?

Nick Curtis looks back at over the last four decades of travel and discovers that, despite making leaps and bounds in technology, some things haven’t changed all that much

50 states in 52 weeks: Thanksgiving traditions in Alaska, Iowa, Kentucky and West Virginia

Not all Thanksgiving holiday celebrations are just about parades, pies and presidential turkey. Jessica Teas looks at how four states celebrate in very unique ways

Homecomings: five authors revisit their home cities

In 1973, the world’s biggest city was Tokyo with a population of 20,450,000. Today, we have global megacities, home to over 35 million people. From LA to Sydney, five authors revisit the places where they grew up to see what’s changed — and what hasn’t...

Lessons learned from travelling to 217 countries

It’s the ultimate travel ambition: visiting every country on Earth. After 1,426 days and four passports, Graham Hughes ticked off the final country on his itinerary, South Sudan — which didn’t even exist when he started the trip. He tells Emine Saner what seeing the world taught him

High Life at 500

All great institutions need a creation myth; here’s former editor Mark Jones on High Life’s

High Life’s most iconic covers

As High Life celebrates its 500th issue this month, we look back at some of our favourite covers from the past 42 years

Dave Cornthwaite: top five adventure videos

The English adventurer, writer and filmmaker picks five of his most thrilling videos from his travels around the world

Alexander von Humboldt: the lost hero of science

Penguins, mountains and part of the Moon are named after him, yet today few know the story of Alexander von Humboldt

High Life 500: the way we travel in 2015

For three weeks, readers hashtagged their Instagram photos #highlife500 in a bid to showcase who the modern traveller is, where they’re going and what they’re doing. While not entirely scientific, the results form a curious snapshot of our travelling lives today. James Wallman elaborates

50 states in 52 weeks: why Delaware is the craft beer capital of the USA

Despite being the nation’s second-smallest state, Delaware is carving out a reputation as a craft beer capital in the USA. Local writer Danielle Bouchat-Friedman reports on what’s brewing

Miami: 15 social media accounts to follow

Step away from the guidebook. All you need to plan your journey around Miami is to follow the city’s cool social media influencers. Jaie Laplante and Anisha Patel track down twelve of the best

Miami: top ten things to do (according to TripAdvisor)

Thought Miami was all about the beach? From wildlife and historical villas to street art and baseball, here the most popular attractions, according to the world’s largest travel community

On the run: a global guide to marathons

Travel the globe, catch the sights — and race a marathon. Long-distance tourists are seeing the world 26.2 miles at a time, and exploring the greatest cities and sites from a unique perspective in the space of three or four (or more) hours. Gershon Portnoi reports on the best and most iconic races on the circuit

USA: The Betsy, Miami

With a rich literary heritage, beachside-meets-colonial glamour and a coveted Ocean Drive location, this sophisticated boutique hotel is utterly charming — Ianthe Butt is impressed

Video: British Airways flies lion cubs and baby rhinos from South Africa to the USA

BA and IAG Cargo took two baby rhinos and two lion cubs on an epic journey from Johannesburg to their new home in Miami as a part of a global conversation effort

50 states in 52 weeks: road tripping Utah’s ‘Mighty Five’ national parks

With wild and rugged canyons, dramatic red rocks and camera-ready sunsets, Utah is hard to beat for a scenic road trip. Bob Howells gears up for a tour of the state’s big five national parks

Time travel: food for thought

We rummage through the British Airways archive to find out what was taking off in the world of aviation way back when. This month, a look back at the debut flight of the Comet 4 before London and New York

Six of the world’s best coffee capitals

A city may have awesome architecture, drool-worthy dinners and lovely locals, but what does that matter if you can’t get a good cup of joe? Executive director of Workshop Coffee Co., James Dickson, has travelled the world in pursuit of the perfect cup. Here he shares the places that really know their beans

Five of Las Vegas’ best Downtown dive bars

Showgirls, neon lights, Cirque du Soleil and sugary cocktails — these things may come to mind when thinking of Nevada’s famous city, but dive bars are getting down ’n’ dirty in the backstreets of Vegas, where real drinks (sans sparklers) are on the menu, says BarChick

Miami: five must-visit neighbourhoods (beyond Miami Beach)

There’s more to the city than Miami Beach. From city slicker Brickell to artsy Wynwood and South Beach’s SoFi, Sunshine Flint picks five not to miss (and what to do there)

The Mex big food thing: Ensenada, Mexico

On the coast of the Baja California Peninsula, sleepy Ensenada is a rising gourmet capital. Chef, and owner of the Wahaca restaurants, Thomasina Miers heads down Mexico way to meet the new generation of visionaries cooking up a storm

Ten of this winter’s most exciting resorts (and when to visit them)

Even the most dedicated powder hounds know that there’s more to a ski holiday than just carving up the slopes. From comedy and culinary festivals to ice climbing and hot air ballooning, here are Gabriella Le Breton’s top tips for which resorts are particularly hot this winter — and when it’s best to visit them

The style interview: Jack Pack

Ahead of the release of their self-titled debut album in October (recorded with a 72-piece orchestra, no less) and a knock-out reappearance on this year’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, four-piece swing group Jack Pack talk to Lizzy Wilkinson about British style and their own sharp-suited fashion icons

Miami: top 10 must-visits for kids under 10

From creating art masterpieces to meeting a ‘liger’ (read on to discover more), Miami blogger MommyMafia picks out 10 of the coolest things for kids to do in the Magic City

50 states in 52 weeks: Wyoming and North Dakota

Often overlooked in favour of their more famous neighbouring states, Wyoming and North Dakota still have plenty of charm, from historic hotels to wild landscapes. Robert Reid hits the road

High Life Entertainment profile: Paul Dano

He was a mute teenager in ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and a villainous plantation worker in ‘12 Years a Slave’. Then Paul Dano picked up a surfboard for his most challenging role yet as Brian Wilson in ‘Love & Mercy’

USA: The Miami Beach Edition

With glitzy design, high-energy entertainment and top-notch dining, Ian Schrager’s latest outpost in the party city is upping the style stakes in Mid-Beach. Ianthe Butt dives into the action

60 second interview: Richard Thompson

With a career spanning more than 40 years the legendary folk songwriter is back with a new album, ‘Still’. Here, he touches on his career so far and why he’s a rebel at heart

America in motion: Alec Soth’s photographic journeys

From Niagara to his hometown of Minnesota, Alec Soth has been documenting America through his on-the-road photography. Now he is bringing his first major exhibition to the UK

Five hotels with museums and galleries attached

From secret naval museums to modern works of art, you don’t have to leave the lobby for a cultural fix at these hotels, says Matt Hutson

Miami: ten architectural marvels

One of the most arresting aspects of what makes Miami the Magic City is its architectural landscape, from its Art Deco icons to modern masterpieces from big-name starchitcects. Miami News Times writer Travis Cohen picks in ten of the city’s most arresting sights

The heat and hustle: an insider’s guide to Miami

The director of Miami’s International Film Festival, Jaie Laplante, shares 
his insider’s cultural guide to the city…

Miami: big changes in Little Havana

The biggest talking point in Miami right now? The cascade of changes in US-Cuba relations. As 56 years of silence comes to an end, Faris Mustafa listens in

Little Havana, Miami: the playlist

From Pedro Luis Ferrer to Pitbull, Faris Mustafa shares his ultimate soundtrack to Miami’s Cuban neighbourhood

Future proof: Miami’s starchitects

Miami has a new vice: an addiction to star architects. With all the leading international practices — plus Baz Luhrmann — shaping the city, Tim Abrahams finds a blueprint for the shape of things to come

Miami Vice: making crime pay

It’s 25 years since the last episode of ‘Miami Vice’ aired, and with its white suits, pastel shirts and flash sports cars, the show not only defined an era but changed the fortune of the city itself. Ellen E Jones rolls up her sleeves

Miami rising: 18 hot new hotels

From bling to budget, the Magic City’s new hotel scene is booming. Ianthe Butt checks in

USA: Thompson Miami Beach, Miami

Thompson Hotels’ latest outpost is putting Mid-Beach on the map and raising the style bars for the party city. Ruth Metzstein is impressed

New York: Loews Regency Hotel

This Park Avenue landmark has had a 21st-century makeover, but still packs a punch in the glamour stakes. Just don’t miss its legendary power breakfast, says Anisha Patel

New York: Refinery Hotel

This millinery factory-turned-independent boutique hotel in Manhattan’s Garment District takes cues from its historic past, but still has plenty of modern charm — and a killer rooftop bar, as Anisha Patel discovers

All through the night: 24-hour cities

As London’s Tube prepares to run round-the-clock, author William Boyd reports on the rise of the 21st-century, 24-hour megacities, while High Life’s global stringers set out to find the true nonstop metropolises which never sleep

From dusk ’til dawn: five unexpected things to do after dark

In 2015, cities never sleep. Whether you’re jetlagged or a night owl, here’s guide to some of the more unusual late-night activities to indulge in around the world

50 states in 52 weeks: highlights of a road trip along the Mississippi Delta

Mississippi native Holly Whitfield shares her favourite stops on the Mississippi Delta — aka the most Southern place on earth

South Beach Miami vs South Beach Singapore

Move over Miami, there’s a new South Beach in town — as Singapore’s South Beach gives the original US neighbourhood a run for its money

Dig deep: underground buildings and cities

In a crowded world, new buildings — and even cities — are increasingly being built underground. Here’s what’s going down

Peace out for International Peace Day

Ahead of International Peace Day on 21 September, we take a look at the numbers behind the day that is devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace

50 states in 52 weeks: why you should eat in Indianapolis right now

Indianapolis is firmly at the centre table of the Midwest’s food moment. Stunning produce, heritage breeds, beautiful cheeses and so much craft beer has Indy, as well as Detroit and Cleveland, popping with enthusiastic chefs. Liz Biro shares her pick of places to sample new Indy cuisine

What I pack: the ballet dancer

Cira Robinson is a senior artist at the Ballet Black dance company. Before settling in 
London, Robinson performed with the Dance Theater of Harlem, including at the White House. Here, she reveals her travel essentials

Six New York beauty apothecaries

The world of holistic wellness has never been more fashionable, from green and organic ingredients to hand-blended lotions and potions with enhancing properties. In New York, this has translated in an uptick in the number of beauty boutiques catering to the spiritually minded jet set. Ruby Warrington picks the best

60 second interview: Andreya Triana

Singer-songwriter Andreya Triana has just released her second album ‘Giants’. She talks touring America, growing up in Brixton and working in an ice-cream van

Reborn in the USA: why British music is making waves in America

As British music enjoys its greatest commercial success in the US for decades, 
with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Mumford & Sons and Sam Smith dominating the charts, Ian Gittins heads to New York to hear the next generation of Brits making it big

50 states in 52 weeks: a fashionable guide to New York

More than 300 designers will show at New York Fashion Week this month, but that won’t stop the industry’s editors, buyers and scenesters from jamming plenty of cocktail hours, late-night dinners and more than a little shopping into their packed schedules. Lauren Sherman shows you how to make like the fashion crowd on your next trip to the Big Apple

The Queen: a life in travel

She’s travelled to 116 countries through the jet age, the space age and now into the digital age, but still doesn’t own (or need) a passport. Ahead of 9 September, when Queen Elizabeth II will become Great Britain’s longest-serving monarch, Nick Curtis looks back at a very regal life of travel

50 states in 52 weeks: an adventure through Vermont’s North Country

From the wilds of the Adirondack Mountains to the delights of Burlington on the shores of Vermont’s Lake Champlain, the North Country never fails to charm, says Sunshine Flint

On the road with… James Bay

The English singer and songwriter talks about his life on tour, from headlining highs in Montreal to meeting Eric Clapton at the airport

50 states in 52 weeks: eat and drink the world in Alabama’s Pepper Place

Birmingham, Alabama might be best known as the cradle of the US civil rights movement, but today, top chefs are cooking up a new image for the Magic City by blending a farm-to-table ethos with international sophistication — and nowhere more so than Pepper Place. Local writer Eric Velasco takes a seat at the world’s table

City hot spot: La Brea, Los Angeles

This small stretch between 1st and 2nd Streets in LA’s Mid-City is fast becoming a cultural hub, offering creative workspaces, stylish restaurants, cool boutiques and, of course, a stellar yoga studio. Being so small, the area is easily walkable — proving that people do indeed walk LA. Local writer Krista Simmons shares her tips

50 states in 52 weeks: Hawaii for food lovers

Forget Spam: thanks to a new wave of creative chefs and a renewed interest in culinary traditions, Hawaiian cuisine is quietly undergoing a hip resurgence, both at home and abroad. Deborah Dunn eats her way around Oahu, the islands’ foodie epicentre

Bruno DiFabio: the art (and science) of pizza making

The six-time World Pizza Championship winner is a legend in the USA, with ten artisan pizzerias across the pond. Now he’s bringing his craft to London with NY Fold. Anisha Patel meets the master pizzaiolo and self-confessed pizza geek to find out what makes a great slice

50 states in 52 weeks: Nebraska’s live music scene

Nebraska inconceivably became the epicenter of the indie music world in the early 2000s, thanks to three homegrown bands making waves nationally. But you can still catch great live music in its big cities today. Omaha-based music writer and blogger Tim McMahan gives us a lowdown on the scene

50 states in 52 weeks: run, ride or walk Philadelphia

From beers gardens and high-design parks to outdoor art installations, Philadelphia has ramped up its outdoor offerings, making this flat and easily navigable city a top destination for those who like to get active in an urban setting. Here are three mini-itineraries for exploring the city’s alfresco offerings

50 states in 52 weeks: 10 ways to have an adventure in Montana

With snow-capped mountains, sparkling lakes and majestic valleys, Montana is a truly wild state. From high-adrenaline hiking and white-knuckle rafting to real-life rodeos and music festivals in the mountains, here are 10 ways to experience it at its best

50 states in 52 weeks: a literary road trip through California

People flock to California for sunshine and star gazing, but the state’s coast-hugging cities also have a rich literary heritage that will keep book nerds busy from LA to San Francisco

An insider’s guide to Broadway (and beyond)

Regular transatlantic theatre visitor and critic Mark Shenton shares his top ten tips for getting the best out of your Broadway experience when you’re next in New York

Seven of the best home away from home hotels

Honesty kitchens, cosy communal living rooms and pillows that are just right… Hannah Hudson tracks down the best places for a ‘home suite home’ break

Justin Rose’s hole in one hit list

The first English player to win the US Open in four decades, even 
for Justin Rose it’s not all about bunkers, birdies and bogeys; his favourite courses feature mountains, distant islands and greens reached only by helicopter. He exclusively reveals to Tim Hulse his top places to tee off

Hotels that help you connect with locals

Craving a deeper connection with your destination? Forget flashy tours, says Hannah Hudson — these hotels will hook you up with the locals for a truly authentic experience

Political bites: where the world’s leaders lunch

They might get ridiculed for their unusual public eating habits, but that’s not to say that the world’s presidents and prime ministers don’t have good taste. Lauren Steventon reveals where the most powerful people refuel between budget meetings and political summits

The last political taboo: politicians and their holidays

Forget the sleaze years, the expenses scandal, and the policy u-turns — the biggest faux pas for MPs? Taking a holiday... Where they go, how often, and their holiday wardrobes are all lightning rods for criticism. Nick Curtis on the minefield that is politicians’ holidays

Seven hot holidays deals on our radar

The latest savings and discounts from British Airways Holidays

50 states in 52 weeks: five beaches within driving distance of Washington DC

It might be the state where the first English settlers established their colonies and have a rich political history, but Virginia also has over 3,300 miles of shoreline packed with sweeping bays, wild trails and sand dunes. Local resident Toni Guagenti picks five that are easily accessible from nearby Washington DC

Eight beaches near NYC (and how to get to them)

The Big Apple is known for its sizzling summers. Luckily for locals (and visitors), there are plenty of sandy shores within close quarters in all of the city’s five boroughs. Elspeth Velten packs her swimmers and takes a day trip to the seaside

City hot spot: Audubon Park, Orlando, Florida

With its bird-named streets and a hip, homegrown vibe, Audubon Park is a far cry from Orlando’s squeaky-clean family scene

Six of Los Angeles’ most rock’n’roll hotels

It’s no secret that rock’n’roll’s most famous dalliances have taken place in LA. But it’s not (always) about TVs smashing out of the window and Champagne baths. Natalie James picks the hotels where you can get into the spirit of musical legends past and present

When The Beatles met Elvis in LA

On 27 August 1965, pop music’s waning King met its new revolutionaries. It was to be the only time that Elvis Presley ever encountered the Beatles. Rob Crossan meets Elvis’ widow Priscilla and close confidante Jerry Schilling to hear what really happened on that historic night in Los Angeles

50 states in 52 weeks: highlights of Route 66 in New Mexico and Oklahoma

It may run over 2,400 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica, but this historic highway is best seen at its heart — in New Mexico and Oklahoma. Robert Reid, Oklahoma native and Route 66 regular, picks his highlights along America’s most iconic road

Higher power: 100 years of Boeing

A look at the upcoming book that documents 100 years of Boeing, from its humble beginnings in a Seattle boathouse to becoming the world’s largest aerospace company — plus your chance to win a copy

Nine luxury hotels where pets are welcome

When it comes to holidays, why should you get all the indulgence? From dog butlers to pooch passports, Hannah Hudson reveals the hotel’s promising to give your furry friend the VIP — that’s Very Important Pet — treatment

Welcome to The Ark: JFK Airport to open a terminal for animals

The trend for taking your four-legged friends on holiday is showing no sign of slowing down, as New York’s JFK reveals plans for the world’s first ever airport terminal for pets

Five ways to ace an NYC summer with kids

When it comes to keeping children entertained in New York, follow these tried-and-tested local favourites, says Big Apple resident (and mother) Vishaka Robinson

12 of the world’s most curious tiny islands

Not all islands are tropical paradises. From a Mexican atoll where dolls hang from trees to a Japanese isle where cats outnumber humans, Katherine Price finds that some are just plain weird

Seven festivals making waves at sea

Forget muddy fields. Cruise ships are now the hottest place to catch live acts, whatever your taste in music. Ianthe Butt picks seven to float your boat

50 states in 52 weeks: how Chicago’s business district became cool

The Loop has been the city’s financial centre for decades, but thanks to an influx of cool restaurants, artisan coffee shops and boutiques, the former after-hours ghost town is thriving. Chicago native Jessica Teas gives us the lowdown

Eight hidden (but totally worth the search) NYC cocktail bars

The Prohibition era might be long gone, but that doesn’t mean that finding New York City’s best bars is easy. Hidden behind ordinary storefronts, on top of burger shops and behind boring basement doors, these cocktail dens are well worth the search

50 states in 52 weeks: Austin, Texas vs Asheville, North Carolina

With indie-music credentials, a thriving foodie scene and microbreweries churning out craft beers, the laid-back North Carolina town has more than a little in common with the quirky Texan capital. Lauren Steventon puts both cities to the test

I’m with the band: behind the scenes at Holy Ship

Holy Ship is a luxury cruise liner which sails from Miami to the Bahamas and back again with 40 international DJs on board. Sounds intriguing? Ianthe Butt got a backstage pass and caught up with some of the festivals top acts. Photography by Ben Roberts

Three weekend escapes from NYC (that aren’t the Hamptons)

New Yorkers love nothing more than zipping along the Long Island Expressway to the summer playground of the Hamptons. But there are also other hideaways that are just a few hours’ drive in any direction. Lizzy Wilkinson picks three of the best

DJ John Digweed: eight of the best clubbing capitals

The British DJ and record producer gives us his inside track into the world’s coolest partying destinations

USA: The Joule, Dallas

J.R.’s Dallas is long gone and the city is now a thriving cultural hub with this avant-garde hotel blazing the way. James Scott Linville leaves his Stetson at home and checks in

Why Montreal is a digital art capital

Meet the AV (audio-visual) artists lighting up Canada’s cultural capital with their creative techy installations

New York: W New York Union Square

Rhodri Marsden discovers why trendsetters and tourists alike are drawn to this buzzing, contemporary hotel in Manhattan. Cocktail, anyone?

All bands on deck: Miami’s music festival at sea

Where Glastonbury and Coachella once dominated, the festival scene is fast diversifying – with events on beaches, in ruins and up mountains. Climbing aboard the Holy Ship luxury liner, Ianthe Butt finds out why festivals at sea are making waves

10 things to do with kids in Southern California

With the third longest coastline in the USA, over 300 sunshine days a year and over 200 species of marine life, there’s plenty to keep the whole family busy once you’ve had your thrill at the theme parks. Anna Tobin picks ten of the best

New York: The Benjamin

A resident sleep expert in the city that never sleeps? Michael Johnson catches up on some serious shut-eye at this innovative Manhattan hotel

USA: The Little Nell, Aspen

This five-star heavyweight in Aspen offers some serious chic on the peak. Sunshine Flint hits the slopes with the global elite

Five must-visit new museums and galleries in the USA

With rich histories, superb architecture and impressive art collections, get your cultural fix at these must-see new American museums

50 states in 52 weeks: seven reasons you need to visit Florida

Yes, there are the famous theme parks, but there’s more to the Sunshine State than rollercoasters. With wildlife spotting, plenty of shopping opportunities and more golf courses than anywhere else in the US, there’s a piece of Florida for everyone

John Simpson: Letter from Los Angeles

What the world’s most famous correspondent gets up to off duty

British Airways launches Listen Up in New York

British Airways is giving US music fans access to insider information on the rising stars of the British music scene with the launch of its #BAListenUp platform. Ian Gittins gets a backstage pass to the launch in Brooklyn

Walk this way: five new places to take a hike

From a hair-raising hike in Malaga to Chicago’s answer to the High Line, here is our guide to the world’s best new walking trail

Life in close-up with adventure cameraman Keith Partridge

No location has been too dangerous, no environment too wild... For two decades, cameraman Keith Partridge has worked on films like ‘Touching the Void’, creating astonishing images that have defined our planet. He talks to Ianthe Butt about his adventures at the ends of the earth

City hot spot: NoMad, New York

Once a fledgling neighbourhood bridging the gap between Flatiron and Midtown, NoMad (that’s North of Madison Square Park) has risen through the ranks and is now one of the city’s hippest areas. Game-changing residents range from Comme des Garçons’ concept store in Dover Street Market to the world-renowned Pentagram design consultancy. Lizzy Wilkinson shares her favourite haunts

Welcome to the new-look High Life website

Notice something different? We’re in the process of having a bit of makeover… take a look around and discover what’s new

Six seriously useful apps for visiting New York City

From tracking down the best sample sales to suggestions for activities based on the weather, make the most of your time in NYC with these must-have apps

Five late-night happy hour bars in New York

Happy hour in NYC is a magical time, when the pressures of the work week are washed away in a deluge of discounted booze. But the fun doesn’t end at 7pm. Being an egalitarian city, a few venues have launched late-night happy hours to appeal to both industry folk and long-distance drinkers. Nick Savage picks five worth staying up late for

New York: the rise of the living room gig

It’s the new way of seeing gigs that’s giving a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘house music’. Up-and-coming bands are eschewing venues to play intimate shows in people’s apartments. Rhodri Marsden wangles an invite to the music equivalent of a private view

San Francisco: turning back the carbon clock

At a time when most cities are struggling to turn back the climate-change clock, San Francisco’s greenhouse gas emissions are bucking the global trend and falling. Gary Diedrichs takes a nearly carbon-neutral break to the city that could teach the planet how to beat global warming

48 (nearly) carbon neutral hours in San Francisco

Gary Diedrichs attempts a low carbon weekend break in green San Fran

San Francisco: an insider’s guide

All roads lead to great food and drink in America’s quintessential culinary city. Locavore Gary Diedrichs guides us to his current farm-fresh favourites

New York: Andaz Wall Street

Mark Jones discovers that this sleek and sophisticated hotel is bringing an unexpected hip vibe to NYC’s Financial District

Six must-try foodie experiences in Aspen

There’s more to Aspen than just slopes. Thanks to its proximity to local farms and focus on seasonal fare, it’s the perfect destination for foodies. Sunshine Flint picks six must-eat (and drink) experiences, from a remote mountain restaurant only accessible by ski or sleigh to a farm-to-cocktail distillery

Michael Craig-Martin does Dallas

Why the Dublin-born artist and ‘godfather of British contemporary art’ is busy taking over the Texan city

San Francisco’s second gold rush

When the price of gold went above $1,000 an ounce for the first time in history, hundreds of hopefuls — with no experience — descended on California to try to strike it rich. Steve Boggan joins them

David Axelrod: a day in the life of Obama’s White House

Barack Obama’s long-time presidential advisor and friend spills the beans on a typical — and not-so-typical — day in the world’s most powerful office

David Axelrod’s Washington

David Axelrod is the ultimate political strategist, with more than 40 years’ experience of US politics — from his days as an investigative journalist to advising his friend, Barack Obama. He gives Alex Rayner an insider’s guide to Washington DC

San Francisco’s innovative food scene

San Francisco is the spiritual home of Californian cuisine. But what’s new in a city where there’s a restaurant for every 376 people (the highest density in the US)? Local resident and editor-in-chief of ‘Lucky Peach’ magazine, Chris Ying, picks three trends to look out for

Insider’s guide: Los Angeles

Aaron Bruno, front man of electro-rock outfit Awolnation and Malibu resident, gives us his tips on how to see the City of Angels like a Los Angeleno

Around the world… on one wheel

We meet the British teenager who has just set off on a mission to travel the world on a unicycle

Recipe: Cary Docherty’s leek and potato soup

The head chef of Jason Atherton’s Little Social grew up with his mother’s leek and potato soup in Vancouver. Here is his recipe, with slow-cooked egg, peppered ventreche, wild garlic, chive and sourdough croutons

Los Angeles: The Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey

With sea views and a laid-back vibe, The Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey is a tranquil base on the edge of LA’s bustle, says Bryony Coleman

Idris Elba on location

We track the British actor, producer, singer, rapper, and DJ on his film and television journey across the globe

A photographic tour of New York City

We asked 45 first-year students from Arts University Bournemouth — which has produced some top photographers, including Nick Knight and Wolfgang Tillmans — to snap their highlights on a recent group trip to NYC, flying with British Airways. Here is a selection of the High Life team’s favourite pictures

The topsy-turvy travel planner: San Francisco for kayaking baseball fans

Travel from a different angle. This month, journey to San Francisco and take to the water for a unique way to enjoy a baseball match

Six New York food markets where you can lunch with locals

Indoor food halls may not be NYC’s claim to fame, but a renewed interest is changing the way locals eat. Want to browse all of the city’s buzz-worthy bites under one roof? These are your best bets, says local food writer Elspeth Velten

On the road with... Noel Fielding

The comedian discusses woollen effigies, heart-shaped hot tubs and life on the road...

Miami: Metropolitan by COMO

With slick European styling sharpening up its curved Art Deco edges, The Metropolitan is a light-filled, boutique alternative to Miami's bigger and more corporate hotels, says Lucy Thackray

North Fork: Welcome to the Un-Hamptons

One of the historical holiday colonies of the American Northeast, The Hamptons is the super-exclusive province of millionaires and billionaires. While the smart set stay south, the bargain hunters and tastemakers head for the spectacular wetlands of Long Island’s North Fork. But how long can it retain its innocence? Mark Jones pays a visit

The High Life Hot List 2015

Our panel of travel-obsessed experts votes for the most intriguing cities, the emptiest beaches and the hottest hotels

Hot list 2015: best for families

Jane Anderson, editor of Family Traveller magazine, picks the best and brightest for the whole brood

Hot list 2015: the cities to visit

The most exciting cities to mingle in, explore or simply go back to in the New Year

Hot list 2015: new hotels

The new openings we're excited about in 2015, from Euro-cool city pads to luxe tropical getaways

Hot list 2015: the best adventures

There’s adventure to be had from America to the Middle East, but which adrenaline rush is for you?

Hot list 2015: foodie destinations

Eating is as much a part of our travel wishlist as views and culture – but where will you find 2015’s best bites?

Hot list 2015: the best beaches

Unwind, swim, dive or dig on these exceptional bays, chosen by the experts

Winter sun: five sunny places you could be right now

As a chill kicks in around the UK, many thoughts will be turning to warmer climes. But where can you get the best winter sun for your buck?

Nine things to do with kids in Washington DC

If you're taking the whole family to Washington DC, and want things to do that will keep the kids happy, fear not — Lisa Blake has done the legwork for you

Eight things you need to know about Thanksgiving Day

Most people know that the Thanksgiving holiday began when the Pilgrim Fathers celebrated their first successful harvest. But what else does it involve? American writer Karen Krizanovich reveals all

Washington: beyond the West Wing

A kindred spirit of Harlem in NYC, Washington’s U Street was known as ‘Black Broadway’ in the 1950s. After a cycle of decline, regeneration and gentrification, Chris Leadbeater finds that the area never really lost its soul

Chris Hadfield: seeing the earth from space

The astronaut, made famous by his zero-gravity cover of Bowie’s Space Oddity, tells us what it's like to see the earth from space

Banks: my LA

The singer-songwriter sensation and LA local gives Britt Collins the inside track on where to shop, eat and see live music in Los Angeles

The ultimate ski guide 2014/15

Looking for a family-friendly ski holiday this winter? How about a foodie snow escape, or a party resort for a group trip? We count down the best resorts in the Pyrenees, Alps, Rockies and Andes

Snow way: eight extreme skiing experiences

Fancy getting vertigo in the world's highest ski lift? Or how about skiing in the desert? Felice Hardy gives us the vital stats on the global ski scene

San Francisco: Maupin's real Tales of the City

He's been called the man who ‘invented San Francisco' but with his final Tales of the City book in the bag, has Armistead Maupin moved on? He talks to Eva Wiseman about fame, fans and visiting Russia

Seven of the best new LA restaurants

If you're headed to glamorous Los Angeles this month, make sure you book ahead for the hottest tables in town (unless they're too cool for reservations)

The off-season family travel guide

With a bit of imagination, you can escape the crowds – and avoid high prices. Francesca Syz and our weatherman Paul Simons find the best alternative destinations for every school holiday

Washington DC: as seen on screen

With its world famous buildings and historic monuments, Washington DC is heaven for filmmakers and TV producers. Here’s where to walk in the footsteps of your favourite stars

The best place in the world to... an alien, become a millionaire, get hitched, do nothing... Whatever it is, there's an ideal spot for it. But, finds Simon Usborne, you may be surprised where you end up

Off-season family travel: Easter holidays

From skiing in Canada to history in ancient European cities, there's plenty to learn in the Easter holidays

The ultimate ski guide: the Rockies

Felice Hardy picks four of the best ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains, for every type of snow holiday

The topsy-turvy travel planner: Montreal for river surfers

Surfing is not a sport usually associated with Montreal. For one thing, it's hundreds of kilometres away from the sea. But that won't be stopping David Whitley...

Five of the best Washington DC hotels

The top five hotels in the US's capital city, as recommended by travellers on TripAdvisor

New York: St Regis Hotel

With an A-list chef, transformed interiors and three star-quality suites to choose from, the new-look St Regis brings together vintage charm and modern style with flair, says Caroline Egan

Las Vegas' real school of rock

It's the $6,000 rock star boot camp where everyone from students and CEOs to healthcare workers and teens are transformed into Vegas headliners — groupies not included. Shana Ting Lipton takes lessons from the legends

DJ Paul Oakenfold: my Las Vegas

Producer and DJ Paul Oakenfold is a huge Vegas fan. He shares his tips on where to party, refuel and repeat in Sin City

City hot spots: Inglewood, Calgary

Alberta's biggest city is best known for the Calgary Stampede, the annual rodeo staged every July. Chris Leadbeater explores the increasingly bohemian neighbourhood of Inglewood

Meet Calgary's cowboys

The largest rodeo in Canada is back. Katie Gatens meets the rising stars who are kicking it up at the Calgary Stampede

City hot spot: Fishtown, Philadelphia

Fishtown, the riverside city in Philadelphia, is buzzing with exciting places to eat, shop and party. Rowena Carr-Allinson uncovers a selection

Five of New England's best bakeries and cake shops

Author Belinda Jones takes a sweet-toothed tour of New England and calls it research for her new novel

Four ways to enjoy Florida

It's not just year-round sun, a world-class coastline and exuberant theme parks. Whether it's wildlife spotting, hipster bar crawls or the wide open road that appeals, there's a piece of Florida with your name on it, says Emily Payne

Seven places to visit in downtown Detroit

Faris Mustafa gives the lowdown on where to eat, drink and stay in downtown Detroit

The demise and rise of Detroit

Detroit once embodied the American Dream. Today, the jobs have gone, and so has anyone who was able to get out. But could hitting rock bottom mark a new beginning? A year after the city was declared bankrupt, Faris Mustafa finds a land of opportunity

What's new in Orlando for families?

From plunging down 80ft water slides to boarding the Hogwarts Express, there's plenty of new things for families to do in Orlando this summer, says Tamsin Wressell

Five of the best one-artist museums

See your favourite artist's greatest hits, all under one roof. Lucy Thackray picks five of the world's best one-artist galleries

Eight reasons to visit Boston's Fenway Park

Local concierge Jonathan Nicholson gives his tips on getting into the baseball spirit and why Boston's Fenway Park is a must see when you're in town

12 of the world’s coolest festivals

Big names, iconic venues, far-flung destinations: Ianthe Butt has the definitive guide to festivals for the year ahead. Time to start zorbing...

Seattle's best street food

To celebrate the Chowtzer Awards for the world's best fast, cheap and street-style food this weekend, we ask Seattle food blogger Naomi Bishop some quickfire questions about her favourite local mouthfuls

Where Washington's politicians lunch

Washington's dining scene has served some of the world's most powerful people. Simon Kelner picks nine of the best restaurants for a business lunch

Justin Rose on the world's best golfing destinations

To celebrate The Masters tournament this week, champion golfer Justin Rose, who is currently ranked sixth in the world, recommends his favourite courses from Scotland to South Africa

Seeking Nirvana in Seattle

Nirvana's sound was visceral, melancholic and thrilling, sliced through the commercial sheen of the 1990s and put Seattle on the map. 20 years on from Kurt Cobain’s suicide, what has become of the city and its scene? John Robb, who was the first journalist to interview the star, reports

Atlanta city guide: where to eat, snap and stay

Lucille Howe enjoys some Southern hospitality, eggplant fries and ping pong disco in down-to-earth Atlanta

Five of Austin's best swimming holes

What could be better than visiting one of the USA's hippest and fastest-growing cities this summer? A range of cooling pools to jump into when the heat gets too much. Isabelle D'Arcy Clark picks some of the best spots to take a dip.

Seven of Seattle's best live music venues

As the home of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Jimi Hendrix to name a few, music is in the air in Seattle. Isabelle D'Arcy Clark lists seven of the best venues to hear some new talent today

Washington's power restaurants

Power dining doesn't get much bigger than defusing the Cuban missile crisis over lunch. Even today, the real deals in Washington DC are being brokered in its restaurants. Simon Kelner dines out with the insiders

Five of the USA's best flea markets

The US has some of the world's biggest and weirdest antique and flea markets. Author Pamela Keech gives her tips for five of the best

Austin's festival calendar

Austin's most famous festival, SXSW, is winding down now, but it's only the tip of the iceberg for this artsy city. Here are a few of the best if you missed the big one

City hot spots: The Plateau, Montreal

Juliet Kinsman unveils the very best of art, fashion and dining around The Plateau in Montreal's Mont-Royal neighbourhood

Austin: the old vs the new

Richard Parker takes a look at the changing face of Austin, Texas

The top five hotels in Austin according to Trip Advisor

Richard Parker lists five of the best hotels in Austin from airport overnighter to the Four Seasons

10 inspirational women in the history of travel

It's International Women's Day on 8 March, and what better time to remember some of the women who paved the way for our adventures? Lucy Thackray celebrates ten of the best

Five festival dates for your diary

Eleanor Ross lists five international festivals you need to know about, from Portugal to Wisconsin

Can Austin stay weird?

The Texas capital was a hip, kooky hangout. Now its economic success and suburban sprawl is threatening that character. Long-term resident Richard Parker reports

Global Tribes: Okie Noodlers

The global groups, trends and subcultures you may not know about. This month, Oklahoma's catfish catchers

Open-jaw travel: Washington Dulles to Baltimore

Simon Calder weaves a route through Washington DC, extending to nearby Baltimore

Open-jaw travel: Los Angeles to San Diego

Simon Calder gets California scheming with this open-jaw itinerary flying into Los Angeles and out from San Diego

Woody Allen’s New York

No film-maker is as synonymous with a city as Woody Allen is with the Big Apple. Thirty-five years after his film 'Manhattan' opened, Viv Groskop traces his footsteps with the films as her guide

Where to find Woody Allen in Manhattan

Viv Groskop lists the best places to visit in New York for a real Woody Allen experience

Texas: Lake Austin Spa Resort

Offering a perfect combination of luxury, charm and informality, the Lake Austin Spa Resort offers a restful alternative to the hustle and bustle of BA's hip new destination of Austin, Texas, says Leigh Mytton

Six of the best alternative fashion weeks

A handful of the best and most unexpected fashion weeks happening around the world

In focus: Philadelphia street artist Isaiah Zagar

How Philadelphia artist Isaiah Zagar is making his neighbourhood a more magical place

Scottsdale, Arizona

With its hot, dry Arizona climate and cactus-dotted, mountainous backdrop, Scottsdale is less a city and more a network of sprawling experiences, says Mark Jones

Photo competition winner blog: shadowing a High Life photographer

The winner of our 2012 travel photography competition with Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Maria de la Guardia, shares her experience on location with High Life photographer Cedric Angeles in Scottsdale

Vancouver: Shangri-La Hotel

With fabulously luxurious rooms, a Michelin-starred chef in charge of dining and a location that is spot on, Vancouver's Shangri-La hotel lives up to its name, says Caroline Egan

My travel plans: astronaut Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield recently spent five months commanding the International Space Station, 370km from Earth — and shot to fame with a viral video that had over 18 million views. We asked him 
to share his post-space trip wish list

The world's best new hotels for 2014

There will be an avalanche of new hotel openings in 2014. Whether it’s boutique, hipster or family-friendly, here are the places you’ll 
be desperate to stay in. 
If you can get a room...

Chicago: The Langham

With immense style and a sense of calm within a landmark building, The Langham has pulled off its Chicago debut with aplomb, says Jessica Teas

New York: The Ritz-Carlton

Oozing old-school glamour and with unbeatable views of the Big Apple, the Ritz-Carlton is a grand hotel that will make your stay in New York a very special one, says Ianthe Butt

Seven of the world's best beaches

The best beaches from around the world, as voted for by High Life editor Kerry Smith and Lonely Planet co-founder Tony Wheeler

Five of the best family hotels for 2014

British Airways' Claire Bentley and Mr and Mrs Smith co-founder Tamara Heber-Percy pick five exciting family-friendly hotels for the year ahead

New York: The Surrey

Well-heeled, stylish and with an enviable art collection, The Surrey is the place for five-star luxury in a refined part of town, says Ianthe Butt

New York: Ace Hotel

Hip, happening and with two top restaurants under its roof, New York's design-led Ace Hotel is an exciting place to stay and a great place to socialise, says Ianthe Butt

Splurge in New York, find bargains in London

The pound’s strength against the dollar means shopping in New York is more affordable for Brits – while Americans heading to London will be on the lookout for bargains. Sasha Wilkins has some tips for whichever direction you’re heading…

The Breaking Bad tour

Has Breaking Bad dominated your sofa time this year? Now you can immerse yourself in the real-life locations on a tour of Albuquerque. Stephen Kelly cooks up a visit

Where to go in Koreatown, LA

Los Angeles' Koreatown is bursting with character, good food and creative residents. Here's where to sip soju, eat BBQ and party into the early hours

The ultimate wildlife travel bucket list

Seeing rare or exotic wildlife in its natural habitat is one of the most memorable travel experiences you can have. Blogger and wildlife enthusiast Sian Anna Lewis picks 20 you may want to cross off your travel to-do list

Koreatown: the Seoul of LA

Bang in the centre of Los Angeles, it's not the prettiest of neighbourhoods and its gems are often hidden away. But if you know where to look, you'll find Koreatown has a scene like no other, says Sanjiv Bhattacharya

Utah: Amangiri

Offering breathtaking views of its desert surroundings, the tranquility, comfort and luxury of the Amangiri resort is bliss, says Tim Barber

A pound of Englishmen: collective nouns for nationalities

Did you know that it's not just animals that are collectively named — there are collective nouns for nationalities too?

Inglewood: LA's new art hub

Best known as one of the grittiest parts of Los Angeles, Inglewood is fast becoming a hub of bold street artists and creative collectives

Why Americans do Halloween best

Black bats and cats are hanging in the windows, gauzy spider webs and plastic spiders cover the gates, and dopey-looking ghosts guard the doorways. As the eve approaches, New York-based writer Sunshine Flint writes on the USA's penchant for all things Halloween

Who's funnier, the USA or Britain? Comedians Jack Black and Russell Kane go head to head

The debate rages on: which nation has the comedy edge between America and Britain? Jack Black (representing the US) and Russell Kane (speaking for the UK) take the mic. Sit back and enjoy the show...

The topsy-turvy travel planner: Alaska for surfers

It may not be your first thought when you think of big waves and surfer dudes, but Alaska has swells for all abilities

Capturing the Kennedys

For five years, John F Kennedy spent nearly every day with his official photographer, Jacques Lowe. To mark the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination, Thomasina Lowe introduces her late father's archive

Car free in LA

It's one of the most car-dependent cities in the world. So what happens when you leave the motor at home? Sanjiv Bhattacharya finds out

My LA: tips from Los Angeles' celebrity fans

From Tom Ford's favourite bar to Moby's top museum, we share some insider tips on where to go in LA

My LA: actress Lara Pulver

Los Angeles is far more than just Hollywood glamour, smoothies and Botox, says actress Lara Pulver

Five of the world's best cycling cities

The author of My Cool Bike, Chris Haddon, picks five great cities to explore on two wheels

LA rap: the new generation

After a ‘quiet patch' on the LA hip-hop scene, a new generation of young musicians have moved beyond the gangsta stereotype and created a new blueprint. Faris Mustafa meets them

New York’s top shopping neighbourhoods — and where to shop

Forget Fifth Avenue, these designer stores and neighbourhoods are where you'll find the fashionistas, says ‘The Style King‘ blogger Gary Kingsnorth

LA rap: the new artists

After a post-90s lull, Los Angeles rap is back and and the city's new 'rap pack' has more freedom than ever. Faris Mustafa tells us who to listen out for

Six of the best restaurants for an LA power lunch

The best bars, restaurants and cafés for a classic power lunch in the home of Hollywood

The Los Angeles hot list: where to shop, eat and stay in LA

As part of our Los Angeles special, Britt Collins rounds up the best foodie hot spots, glamorous bars and ways to see LA today

Interview: Hollywood agent Fred Specktor

At 80, agent Fred Specktor is a Hollywood legend. The type of heavy hitter who has a booth set aside in LA's power restaurants, he's represented Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman. James Scott Linville is granted a rare audience

Hugh Laurie: why I love LA

Hugh Laurie fell hard for ‘eccentrically diverse' Los Angeles, from its hippyness to Hollywood's glitter. He reveals how the city inspired him in a whole new direction

In Gatsby's footsteps: Long Island's North Shore, New York

Fans of The Great Gatsby can easily travel to the book's setting in New York state. David Usborne takes a look around the North Shore of Long Island

The year that changed America

From the emotional highs of Martin Luther King's iconic speech to the devastation wreaked by JFK's assassination, nothing would be the same for the United States after 1963, says Dale Cressman

New York: Washington Square Hotel

Unlike a few other iconic New York hotels, The Washington Square thoroughly deserves its legend status. It's clean, cosy and in a great low-key location, says Andrew Hankinson

Five of the best dog-friendly hotels

Five essential getaways for the well-travelled canine. By Lucille Howe

Seven of the best hotel lounges

A guest lounge is an underrated addition to the modern hotel, says Mark Jones, as he rounds up seven of the best

California: Rancho Valencia, Rancho Santa Fe

With top of the range spa and sports facilities, Rancho Valencia is the ultimate relaxing California retreat, says Laury Smith

Who invented the Harlem Shake?

Author Jonathan Gill goes back to the roots of this year's frenetic dance craze

On the road with... comedian Eddie Izzard

The comedian and actor talks iconic gig venues and dream headliners

New York: The Library Hotel

Small but beautifully formed and in the heart of the city, The Library Hotel is perfect for those with romantic notions of old New York, says Lucy Thackray

In numbers: New York's Gay Pride

With New York's 25th Pride festival taking to the streets this month, we gen up on a few flag-waving statistics

Author Jeff Kinney on the importance of adventure for kids

Best-selling Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney reckons adventure is vital fodder for young imaginations. Here he talks about his childhood memories of the great outdoors

Masculine vs feminine hotel style

As hyper-masculine hotel Belgraves establishes itself in London, other hotels around the world are appealing to the female traveller. But should they be choosing sides? By Mark Jones

Six of the best city waterways

Some of the most picturesque and fascinating city rivers and waterways in the world

New York: The Peninsula

For classic New York charm in a prime location, Fifth Avenue's Peninsula hotel is a slice of heaven in the heart of the city, says Lucy Thackray

Five of the best luxury Toronto hotels

Meet five new movers and shakers on Toronto's luxury hotel scene

Why I love Toronto: by its famous residents

Six of Toronto's brightest minds from the worlds of fashion, sport and art on how their city is thriving

Toronto's new lease of life

Toronto has not always had good press — not least from Canadians themselves. But even the locals have to admit that the city they love to loathe is having a moment. Mark Jones reports

Video: Sound City trailer

Foo Fighters' frontman Dave Grohl has directed a film about the Sound City recording studio in the San Fernando Valley, where bands like Fleetwood Mac and Metallica honed their sound

Hotel trend: pets and resident animals

From cats to llamas, hotels all over the world are catching on to the charm of a furry (or wrinkly) mascot. Ianthe Butt reports

T O in 2 4: a film about 24 hours in Toronto

Filmmaker Dale Hildebrand asked 24 cinematographers to shoot for 24 hours in hundreds of spots all over Toronto. The result is an exploration of the cultural pulse of the city — watch the trailer here

Eight of the world's fastest cities

With speedy takeaway coffees and good escalator etiquette, these cities' pulses beat that bit faster

10 of the world's slowest cities

With a more laid back workforce and flexibility on what 'late' means (we're looking at you, Dubai), these cities move at a calmer pace

New York: The Carlyle

If you're going to New York for glamour, gloss and cracking views, all in the plushest of surroundings, look no further than The Carlyle, says Lucy Thackray

Facehunter: five of the world's most stylish cities

Street style blogger Yvan Rodic, aka Facehunter, picks his five favourite cities for great fashion and style

Why airport terminals can make the best memories

Falling in love, people watching and fond farewells — airports are story machines, says Anna Stothard

New York: Mandarin Oriental hotel

Towering over the streets of Manhattan and with stunning views of the river and park, the Mandarin Oriental is just what staying in a New York hotel should be, says Andrew Hankinson

Florida's wildlife, theme parks and beaches

Searching for America's largest subtropical wilderness? Brace yourself... it's in Florida along with ‘mermaids' and hot art. Ianthe Butt finds there's more to the Sunshine State than Mickey and his mates

New York: W New York - Downtown

In a part of town you might not normally associate with luxury hotels, the wonderful W is a breath of fresh air in a great location, says Andrew Hankinson

Five of the best gadgets at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show

Every year, the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show brings weird and wonderful new gadgets to gawp at. Here are the latest gems coming to a tech store near you

Bold new food ideas by innovative chefs

Meet the chefs cooking up a new style of cuisine in Barcelona, Girona, Chicago and Paris

Futuristic vs retro hotels

Some hotels tap into the nostalgia of decades past, while others are racing towards the future of hospitality

Travel writer Dervla Murphy on her adventures

Fifty years ago Dervla Murphy travelled from her home in County Waterford to New Delhi. Alone. By bicycle. Since then she has travelled to Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas — and, more recently, Gaza. There have been, she says, 'a few hairy moments'. Zoe Williams meets her

Off-season travel: New York during Thanksgiving

As part of an off-season travel special, David Usborne enjoys the quiet of New York during Thanksgiving

The off-season travel guide

Tackling tornadoes in Kansas, facing down the monsoon in Oman, weathering the winter in St Petersburg... Our brave (some might say foolhardy) writers see the world from a new and exhilarating perspective

Off-season travel: Kansas during tornado season

As part of our off-season travel special, Matt Carroll tries out some storm chasing in Kansas

New York's Comedy Cellar

Heard the one about the rookie comedian making his stand-up debut at the funniest place on Earth? Andrew Hankinson takes to the mic at New York's renowned Comedy Cellar

Five of the best restaurants in San Francisco, chosen by chefs

Five US chefs pick their personal favourite restaurant in San Francisco, California. By Joe Warwick

New York apartment rentals: living like a local in Brooklyn

Is renting the most relaxed way to discover a new area on your travels? Jane Dunford goes native and rents an apartment in Brooklyn

New York City: Gild Hall

In the heart of New York's financial district, Gild Hall is a cosy oasis of calm and luxury — the perfect place to unwind during a busy stay in the city that never sleeps, says Cherry Healey

On the road with... Marianne Faithfull

The legendary rock chick and singer talks surprising destinations and clean living on tour

The topsy-turvy travel planner: Las Vegas for misers

You can see Las Vegas on a shoestring — just seek out Sin city's happy hours, hotel deals and free entertainment

What sun, sea and sand really do to your brain

The Science Museum Group's Roger Highfield reveals all

A brief history of wine: the vine's journey to the New World

Co-founder of the Salt Yard restaurant group, Simon Mullins, on the rich history of wine and the vine's migration across the globe

What's your skiing stereotype?

Skiers: are you a Backcountry Clubber, Lycra Lad or Creche-test Dummy? Find out which and where should you go to enjoy the snow

Four of the best restaurants in Houston, Texas

Houston is home to a host of delicious eats but knowing where to find them, and what to order, can be overwhelming. Here, four of Houston's finest chefs share their favourites..

The trend: carousels

Fairground carousels are turning (heads) in New York and New Orleans as well as being the subject of a musical revival

Where to eat, drink and see art in Houston, Texas

Gone are the Stetsons. Now the biggest city in Texas is staking its claim as the coolest cat in the South, says Antonia Quirke

Santa Monica: Hotel Shangri La

Its seafront location and truly fabulous décor make Santa Monica's Shangri La a most stylish place for California dreaming, says Laury Smith

The curious travel index

Travel is getting to know a place from the inside out, challenging perceptions and coming back different. Our esteemed panel of judges has deliberated and debated over all that has changed their minds and sparked their imagination in the past year. The results are now in...

Pilot Q&A: Senior First Officer Glen Morean

Live from the cockpit... 
Senior First Officer Glen Morean, who flies the B777 for British Airways

California: Inn Paradiso

Surrounded by wilderness, filled with treasures and dog-friendly to boot, Paso Robles' Inn Paradiso is the perfect wine region retreat, says Laury Smith

A newer, younger Washington DC

Blame a certain family if you will, but the city's 'stodgy old' brigade of government geeks and policy wonks has been nudged aside and a younger, cooler crowd has moved in. As America goes to the polls this month, Anna Kane searches out the new Washingtonian

Chicago: baseball, comedy clubs and great restaurants

More Michelin stars than any other US city, a skyline with the tallest tower in the western hemisphere and a unique sense of humour — 
Will Hide is swept off his feet by Chicago

New York: The NoMad Hotel

A chic blend of French styling and all American luxury, Manhattan's NoMad Hotel makes for a wonderfully fashionable NY base, says Aoife O'Riordain

The Winter Sun Q&A

Want a sunshine break but can't face planning it? Start right here with the help of our expert panel. From lazy beach breaks to trekking sun-drenched mountains, they have it covered

Toronto's new hotels and restaurants

The Canadian city is coming into its own and demanding our attention with a host of exciting openings, says Nikki Bayley

Florida attractions

Thinking of visiting Florida? Fly Through Florida and see a range of facts, figures and attractions awaiting your arrival

Six architecturally beautiful museums

The newly-designed — and much-anticipated — Islamic Art Galleries open at the Louvre this month. But it's not just Paris. Architects have been busy putting their creative stamps on museums the world over, says Dale Kneen

Five eco-friendly places in Boston

The greenest hotel, shop and things to do in 
Boston, as chosen by Rhiannon Batten

Weekend break: Nantucket Island

With its picturesque centre and a fascinating history (one that inspired Moby Dick no less), Nantucket Island makes 
an idyllic break, says Tim Lott

Notes from a traveller: Charlize Theron

The actor and producer talks of LA life and her South African roots

Notes from a traveller: Joss Stone

The soul singer talks recording in Nashville and taking her dogs on the road

Five unusual golf courses

Five of the world's more unusual settings to play a round of golf, from a remote Scottish isle to Canadian wine country

11 of the best family holidays

Our pick of the best hotels, resorts and packages to keep your little ones entertained and your older ones interested

Digital detox: technology-free travel

Become a Luddite for a night, or even a 
few days, and take that much-needed break 
from technology, says Clare Thorp

Four great family adventures

Whether you're travelling with a toddler or dragging 'grown-up' teenagers along, the family holiday has potential to be the mother of all battles — but it doesn't have to be. Our writers come up with the perfect solution

Insider's guide: San Diego

One of the most vibrant cities in the world, San Diego has much to appeal to the discerning traveller, 
not least its 100 distinct neighbourhoods. 
Matthew West picks four of his favourites

I'll be packing: Luke Donald

Professional golfer Luke Donald reveals what's in his suitcase

California's festivals and awards shows

When and how to catch the best of California's entertainment, from the eclectic High Sierra Music Festival to the exclusive Academy Awards

California: a film & music tour

Nowhere is more entertaining than California. Whether your bag is movies or rock'n'roll, this 
sunny state is the stuff of which dreams are made. 
Will Hide hops into a convertible to 
check out why it so ignites the imagination

Five of the best airport hotels

Award-winning, compact or indulgent — your airport accommodation can be just as relaxed as your holiday

Top five luxury hotels in Miami Beach

Beautiful Art Deco buildings, beachside rooms and cabanas galore: Katherine Spenley pulls up a sun-lounger at five of the best luxury hotels in Miami Beach

Top five free things to do in Boston

Sometimes the best things in life really are free. Katherine Spenley picks five great — and gratis — things to do in Boston

Canada: the Calgary Stampede

The days of whiskey-swilling bandits, gunfights at dawn and dusty old saloon bars may be long gone. But Calgary's cowboys are still a 
force to be reckoned with, as Nick Curtis discovers when he saddles up for the greatest rodeo on earth...

Weekend break: Las Vegas

There's more to Las Vegas than casinos. Tim Lott hits the jackpot on a long weekend with espresso martinis, singing cowboys and jaw-dropping live shows

Six of the best Canadian adventures

Once-in-a-lifetime escapades needn't mean bungee jumping or jungle trekking. Canada has it all under one enormous sky. Here are Matt Carroll's top six adventures...

Ask the pilot: First Officer Kate Laidler

British Airways pilots have had some memorable flights — and passengers. 
This month, First Officer Kate Laidler on flying celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal

Bob Dylan's New York

It's 50 years since Bob Dylan's generation-rousing folk music first kicked up a storm in Greenwich Village. Guided by veterans of the New York counterculture, Rob Crossan retraces Dylan's steps to see if that revolutionary spirit remains

The TMZ showbiz tour of Hollywood

Known for breaking celebrity news, TMZ now offers a fame-filled tour of LA. By Will Hide and Fiona Sims

Portrait of a city: Los Angeles

Anna Stothard's LA

New York: Harlem

New York's hottest district has a vibrant cultural scene and original walking tours. Chris Coplans walks the neighbourhood

Shonda Rhimes' Chicago

Shonda Rhimes shows us around her Chicago

The San Diego guide

Will Hide takes a tour of laid back San Diego

Five of the greenest American cities

The greenest cities in America, as chosen by Richard Hammond

Five of the best drives in America

Five drives to revive the spirit

On the trail of Twilight in Forks and Seattle, Washington

On the trail of Edward Cullen, the vampire hero of Twilight, Mark Jones sinks his teeth into Forks, USA

California dreams

Tim Lott overcomes his British stiff upper lip and lets his inner hippy out in California

Seattle: Inn at the Market

Situated in the heart of Seattle's famous Pike Place Market, the Inn at the Market is an ideal base, and not just for food lovers, says Tim Barber

Chuck Palahniuk's Seattle

Author of Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk, shows us his Seattle

Juliette Lewis' LA

Juliette Lewis shows us round her native city

The top 10 hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas now has over 150,000 hotel rooms, more than any other city in the US. Here's our lowdown on the newest and the best.

25 reasons to visit Canada

Striking starchitecture, breathtaking waterfalls and the most spectacular drive in the world... it’s high time you discovered the highlights of this must-see country, says Claire Wrathall

Fly-drive Florida

There's so much more to the Sunshine State that Minnie and Mickey. Howard Walker grabs the keys to a sporty convertible and heads off along the coast on the perfect Florida fly-drive holiday

Five of the best eco-friendly ski resorts

The most eco-friendly ski resorts as chosen by Richard Hammond

Discovering San Diego

Leaving behind the familiar side of the Golden State, Guy Adams goes off the beaten path to explore the newly invigorated city of San Diego and the vineyards of Santa Barbara

Luxury for less: NYC

It's the world capital of extravagance. But for the savvy traveller, it is possible to enjoy five-star New York at two-star prices. In the first of a new series on affordable luxury, Mark Jones takes Manhattan

City Secrets: Washington

Insider tips from the people that really know - the locals

Viva Vancouver

Canadians are bursting with pride in the run-up to the Olympic Winter Games. Sorrel Downer discovers a city that has a little bit of everything

Canada's ski and board resorts

As the Winter Olympics get under way, Matthew Hampton finds five winning resorts

Washington fast food: Following in Obama's footsteps

Since moving in to the White House, America's First Family have been checking out Washington's fast-food joints. Keen to follow in their footsteps, Viv Groskop takes the Obama 'dog and burger trail'

USA: road trip through Arizona, Utah and Colorado

Richard Grant takes a drive from Phoenix to Denver through the vast open ranges of northern Arizona, the Utah canyonlands and the Rockies

Beverly Hills

Great restaurants, big names and lots of secrets - Beverly Hills is just like any other little village, says Jackie Collins

USA: Woodstock 40 years on

Back in 1969, its festival drew half a million, but 40 years on it’s far more than a mecca for die-hard hippies. Well, sort of, says Sunshine Flint

City secrets: Toronto

Toronto, brought to you by the people who really know - the locals (you can call it T-Dot from here on in). Compiled by Sorrel Downer

New York: Manhattan versus Brooklyn

Brooklyn is fighting for Manhattan’s crown as New York’s coolest haunt. Battle lines are drawn in a head-to-head showdown of trendy restaurants, bars, shops and more. Resident Rachael Shapiro compares their considerable merits

Canada: Montreal, Quebec and beyond

Away from the French sophistication of Montréal and Québec lies the wild Charlevoix region with its charming villages, breathtaking landscape and distinct cuisine. Mark Jones is impressed

Washington goes to the movies

Hollywood and Capitol Hill have long been besotted with each other. As the Bush era comes to a close, Justin Webb charts the power and political puppetry on the big screen – and how it all compares with real life

Beat the queues at Disney World, Florida

Reader Angie Hoggett shares some top tips on how to avoid the queues at Disney World, Florida

Philadelphia essentials: Where to eat, sleep and shop

Andrew Mueller reports on what you need to know to get the most out of Philadelphia

The Philadelphia story

Long overlooked in favour of glitzier destinations, New York's neighbour has plenty to offer the European traveller – from monuments charting the birth of a nation to eccentric dive bars. Andrew Mueller reports

San Francisco: Will Self

First, second and even third impressions can be wrong, as Will Self discovered on a recent visit to Frisco

The most romantic hotels for a honeymoon

All you really need for the ideal honeymoon is a hotel you don't want to leave - a place where the rooms are fabulous, the food is wonderful and your every need is catered for. We pick the 12 most romantic hotels in the world - one for each month of the year

60 second interview: Eddie Izzard

The actor and comedian shares his life in travel, from the beaches of Greece to the stages of Iceland, Chicago and Amsterdam

John Simpson: Letter from America

From the comfort of his sleeper seat, our correspondent remembers the first time he went to New York and travelled to California on a Greyhound bus

Skiing: the best is yet to come

It isn’t too late to book a skiing holiday. In February, March and even April, you can still find perfect snow conditions on both sides of the Atlantic. Felice Hardy, co-editor of The Great Skiing & Snowboarding Guide 2007, has the lowdown on the best late-season picks