Street style in Seoul

Not a traditional destination for travellers from the West, Seoul, South Korea’s futuristic capital, is an Asian cultural powerhouse and its fashion scene is one of the latest exports to take off internationally, writes Tom Allsop

The new fashion capitals

As the world’s most stylish cities gear up for a month of SS16 fashion weeks, it’s easy to forget that London, New York, Milan and Paris aren’t the only destinations with serious fashion credentials. Lizzy Wilkinson scopes out four alternative cities that should be on any fashion lover’s radar

What happens to the world’s Olympic venues?

With the budget for Rio 2016 currently up in the air, and around £9 billion spent on London's Games in 2012, you may be wondering what becomes of the event's much-planned, well-used sporting sites. Katie Gatens looks at the legacies of five former host cities

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Street style blogger Yvan Rodic, aka Facehunter, picks his five favourite cities for great fashion and style

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Just when you thought the stylus had, well, gone out of style, sales of vinyl records are climbing. Here are the world's most unique wax wonderlands

Three cities with changing skylines

The highs and lows of London, Seoul and New York's striking buildings

Where to party, shop and relax in Seoul

Forget Tokyo, Paris, London and New York. The South Korean capital is indisputably the world's buzziest city. But can you take the pace and look the part? 
Find out with 
our RoK* star guide. 
Nell McShane Wulfhart 
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Five of the best Asian cities

Ed Peters counts down five of the best cities in the Far East, with a few top tips on dining out, sightseeing and accommodation