City hot spot: French Concession, Shanghai

Enjoy a slice of Parisian sophistication in China’s biggest city by exploring the boutique clothes shops and quaint patisseries of French Concession

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Travel writer Alice Tate asked seven jetsetting women to recommend the surprising destinations they’ve most enjoyed as a solo traveller

60 second interview: Florrie

From touring and recording with Girls Aloud and Kylie Minogue, Florrie is now breaking out on her own with her new single Real Love. Here she talks punk rock, festivals in Slovakia and playing at the top of skyscrapers in Shanghai

The style interview: Jack Pack

Ahead of the release of their self-titled debut album in October (recorded with a 72-piece orchestra, no less) and a knock-out reappearance on this year’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, four-piece swing group Jack Pack talk to Lizzy Wilkinson about British style and their own sharp-suited fashion icons

Keith’s connections: China

Our regular column from a frequent flyer. This month, a whistle stop tour of China

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In a crowded world, new buildings — and even cities — are increasingly being built underground. Here’s what’s going down

British Airways celebrates ten years of flying to Shanghai

British Airways brought a taste of the British summer to Shanghai with a star-studded garden party featuring mezzo-soprano singer Katherine Jenkins, Britain’s Got Talent finalists Jack Pack and Fenwick of Bond Street

China’s grand designs

Ahead of the second ‘Design Shanghai’, the exhibition’s creative director Ross Urwin tells us why, thanks to a renewed interest in creativity and a growing pool of young talent, it’s time to switch the phrase ‘made in China’ to ‘designed in China’

Eight Chinese fashion designers to watch in 2015

China is one of the fastest growing markets for western fashion brands, but homegrown labels have started to make the rest of the world sit up and take note. Gemma A Williams, author of ‘Fashion China’, names eight of the country’s most innovative and exciting talents

China: on the front row of fashion

Western luxury brands have long dominated China but now, homegrown designers have begun to take to the stage. Lisa Movius meets these rising stars for China's fashion scene

The best place in the world to... an alien, become a millionaire, get hitched, do nothing... Whatever it is, there's an ideal spot for it. But, finds Simon Usborne, you may be surprised where you end up

China's golf courses

The authorities regard golf as delinquent and bourgeois. So why are there so many tees in China? Dan Washburn investigates

20 of the world's coolest shops

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China's French fetish

China is in love with France's luxury goods, food and wine — you could even be walking into a Parisienne patisserie in Shanghai

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As hyper-masculine hotel Belgraves establishes itself in London, other hotels around the world are appealing to the female traveller. But should they be choosing sides? By Mark Jones

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With speedy takeaway coffees and good escalator etiquette, these cities' pulses beat that bit faster

Fast and slow cities

Which cities are super speedy and which are more laid-back? Nick Curtis has the results of the High Life survey...

Shanghai's street food

Shanghai is a city of world-class dining. But it is the indigenous cuisine at its inauspicious street joints, back-alley kitchens and night food 
markets that truly tempts Michael Booth

Weekend break: Shanghai

Nowhere in the world do the past and future jostle each other so excitingly as in China’s most vibrant city. Mark Jones soaks up the atmosphere

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Shanghai: Tony Parsons

History meets the future in this glittering boomtown — Tony Parsons laps it in Shanghai