Quiz: Can you match the Olympic stadium to its host city?

With a sporting summer well under way, High Life looks at the stadiums that have played (and still will play) their part in Olympic Games around the world. Do you know your Bird’s Nest from your Maracanã?

City hot spot: French Concession, Shanghai

Enjoy a slice of Parisian sophistication in China’s biggest city by exploring the boutique clothes shops and quaint patisseries of French Concession

China: The Temple House, Chengdu

In the booming mega city of Chengdu, this delightful hotel successfully manages to blend the contemporary with centuries of tradition. Katie Gatens checks in

Hong Kong: The Ritz-Carlton

It’s glitzy, glamorous and housed in the seventh tallest building in the world. But The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong offers more than just outstanding views, as Olivia McLearon discovers

Lessons learned from cycling across the world

Gus Warner is halfway through a 10,000-mile bike ride from Jersey in the Channel Islands to Hong Kong. So far he’s travelled though France, Austria and Turkey. He hopes to be in Turkmenistan by July. He tells High Life what cycling the world has taught him

Jonathan Ross film review: Kung Fu Panda 3

The broadcaster and film critic reviews the latest inflight films. This month: Kung Fu Panda 3

John Simpson: a letter (and some Tweets) from Beijing

What the world's most famous correspondent gets up to off duty. This month he returns to Beijing, armed with a smartphone

John Simpson: Letter from Beijing

Find out what happened when the world’s most famous correspondent returned to Beijing

Model David Gandy celebrates 80 years of BA flying to Hong Kong

The British supermodel donned a vintage 1920s flying jacket to help British Airway celebrate 80 years of flying to Hong Kong

Rush tower: Skyscraper sprinting in Hong Kong

Forget desert marathons, move over Tough Mudder: skyscraper sprinting takes sporting challenges – and its participants – to new heights. Simon Usborne limbers up

60 second interview: Florrie

From touring and recording with Girls Aloud and Kylie Minogue, Florrie is now breaking out on her own with her new single Real Love. Here she talks punk rock, festivals in Slovakia and playing at the top of skyscrapers in Shanghai

The world’s ugliest (but most compelling) tourist attractions

For every swoon and snap garnered by the Taj Mahal and Niagara Falls, there’s a less attractive tourist site failing to get the recognition it deserves. Ben Groundwater rounds-up eight not-so-pretty places requiring a second look…

Ten hair-raising hikes

Want a walk with a side order of thrills? Adventurous travel writer and keen hiker, Andrew Bain, shares his pick of the world’s most rousing routes

Eight cities to see in the New Year in style

Love it or hate it, you can’t escape the fact that New Year’s Eve is fast approaching. From San Jose to Sydney, the experts at BarChick pick the best destinations to ring in 2016

The hottest foodie destinations of 2015

With Danish dining in Asia and Michelin star-spotting in Europe, there were some exciting contenders for the best foodie destination of 2015. Here are five places that pushed boundaries to become celebrated dining hotspots

Lessons learned from travelling to 217 countries

It’s the ultimate travel ambition: visiting every country on Earth. After 1,426 days and four passports, Graham Hughes ticked off the final country on his itinerary, South Sudan — which didn’t even exist when he started the trip. He tells Emine Saner what seeing the world taught him

On the run: a global guide to marathons

Travel the globe, catch the sights — and race a marathon. Long-distance tourists are seeing the world 26.2 miles at a time, and exploring the greatest cities and sites from a unique perspective in the space of three or four (or more) hours. Gershon Portnoi reports on the best and most iconic races on the circuit

The style interview: Jack Pack

Ahead of the release of their self-titled debut album in October (recorded with a 72-piece orchestra, no less) and a knock-out reappearance on this year’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, four-piece swing group Jack Pack talk to Lizzy Wilkinson about British style and their own sharp-suited fashion icons

Keith’s connections: China

Our regular column from a frequent flyer. This month, a whistle stop tour of China

Jenson Button: my life in travel

The British Formula One driver on his favourite European road trips, tips for beating jet lag, and what he gets up to in Singapore (when he’s not on the track)

Dig deep: underground buildings and cities

In a crowded world, new buildings — and even cities — are increasingly being built underground. Here’s what’s going down

Hong Kong in seven bars

Order a morning cup of tea in Hong Kong, and there’s every chance it might have been filtered through pantyhose and topped up with condensed milk. But what if you are heading out at night? Here are seven of Hong Kong’s best bars

Seven of the best home away from home hotels

Honesty kitchens, cosy communal living rooms and pillows that are just right… Hannah Hudson tracks down the best places for a ‘home suite home’ break

Hotels that help you connect with locals

Craving a deeper connection with your destination? Forget flashy tours, says Hannah Hudson — these hotels will hook you up with the locals for a truly authentic experience

British Airways celebrates ten years of flying to Shanghai

British Airways brought a taste of the British summer to Shanghai with a star-studded garden party featuring mezzo-soprano singer Katherine Jenkins, Britain’s Got Talent finalists Jack Pack and Fenwick of Bond Street

Chineasy as 1,2,3

Take a graphical approach to learning Chinese language and culture with the ’Chineasy Memory Game’

Ten music festivals you can’t miss in 2015

Looking for a festi-holiday abroad this year? From new kids on the block and old favourites to international expansions, Ianthe Butt rounds up ten of 2015’s finest

The most magnificent places in the world to read a book

From a library hidden in the forests of Beijing to the Cuban literary haunt of Ernest Hemingway, here are the world’s best spots for bibliophiles to indulge in a spot of reading

China’s grand designs

Ahead of the second ‘Design Shanghai’, the exhibition’s creative director Ross Urwin tells us why, thanks to a renewed interest in creativity and a growing pool of young talent, it’s time to switch the phrase ‘made in China’ to ‘designed in China’

Now, new, next: Horticultural holidays

Turn over a new leaf and try one of these green-fingered gardening escapes, says Ianthe Butt

Five great places to celebrate Chinese New Year

The year of the goat will be ushered in on 19 February 2015, but the worldwide celebrations can last up to eight days. Singapore-born David Yeo, founder and CEO of Aqua Restaurant Group, picks the cities that will host the biggest and best festivities

Eight Chinese fashion designers to watch in 2015

China is one of the fastest growing markets for western fashion brands, but homegrown labels have started to make the rest of the world sit up and take note. Gemma A Williams, author of ‘Fashion China’, names eight of the country’s most innovative and exciting talents

China: on the front row of fashion

Western luxury brands have long dominated China but now, homegrown designers have begun to take to the stage. Lisa Movius meets these rising stars for China's fashion scene

Hot list 2015: the best beaches

Unwind, swim, dive or dig on these exceptional bays, chosen by the experts

The best place in the world to... an alien, become a millionaire, get hitched, do nothing... Whatever it is, there's an ideal spot for it. But, finds Simon Usborne, you may be surprised where you end up

City hot spots: U37 Creative Warehouse, Chengdu

What was once a drab, sprawling storage facility for Chengdu hospitals on South Third Street, Shuinianhe, beside Niuwangmiao station on the city's new metro line, has become a vibrant and eclectic pocket alley for creative spaces

Author Jung Chang: five hidden gems of China's Sichuan Province

The author of best-selling autobiography Wild Swans describes some of her favourite lesser-known spots to soak up the culture and history of her native Sichuan region

China's golf courses

The authorities regard golf as delinquent and bourgeois. So why are there so many tees in China? Dan Washburn investigates

10 of the world's most scenic marathons

Not all marathons are run on concrete and follow a city circuit. Some take you across arctic glaciers, over desert plains and through some of the most spectacular scenery the world has to offer, says Harriet Letherbarrow

Ching-He Huang: five of the best places to eat in Hong Kong

A rising star in the chef world and a fierce advocate of Chinese cooking, Ching-He Huang shares her food and drink tips for cosmopolitan cuisine hub Hong Kong

Five essential Chengdu dining experiences

From private kitchens to intestine soup from a Jinli market stall, Julia Buckley picks five ways to taste this extraordinary Chinese city

A stylish guide to Beijing

Fashion designer Ping He takes us on a shopping and eating tour of her second home, Beijing

Hong Kong: Hotel Icon

Owned by the local hospitality school, Hotel Icon aims to test out great service and facilities in a working hotel, but its charms extend far beyond innovation and efficiency, says Lucy Thackray

Melon carving and other global love traditions

From melon carving to boyfriend bonfires, different nations celebrate love in very different ways

Hong Kong: The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

One for the stylish international crowd, the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong is a little slice of luxury in Hong Kong's hectic Central area, says Lucy Thackray

What happens to the world’s Olympic venues?

With the budget for Rio 2016 currently up in the air, and around £9 billion spent on London's Games in 2012, you may be wondering what becomes of the event's much-planned, well-used sporting sites. Katie Gatens looks at the legacies of five former host cities

Keith's connections: Hong Kong

A new column by a frequent flyer*. This month, memories of Hong Kong and the city's enduring charm

Making dim sum with an expert in Hong Kong

The Peninsula's Dim Sum Academy is a fascinating insight into the art of the dumpling, says Mary Lussiana

The new generation of Chinese designers

These up-and-coming designers are infusing the ‘made in China' tag with new cachet

Five of the best family hotels for 2014

British Airways' Claire Bentley and Mr and Mrs Smith co-founder Tamara Heber-Percy pick five exciting family-friendly hotels for the year ahead

The ultimate wildlife travel bucket list

Seeing rare or exotic wildlife in its natural habitat is one of the most memorable travel experiences you can have. Blogger and wildlife enthusiast Sian Anna Lewis picks 20 you may want to cross off your travel to-do list

Kashmir opens its doors

Just a year ago the Foreign & Commonwealth Office withdrew its two-decade advice for UK nationals to avoid travelling to this disputed territory. Ianthe Butt, herself half Kashmiri, visits for the first time and finds it ripe for exploration

China's French fetish

China is in love with France's luxury goods, food and wine — you could even be walking into a Parisienne patisserie in Shanghai

Hong Kong's young artists

This year's Asian debut of Art Basel along with the growing crop of Western gallery outposts, such as White Cube, has put Hong Kong firmly on the art map. But what about the emerging homegrown artists? Peter Shadbolt meets the young talent from an ever-expanding scene

Cycling in Chengdu

Once known as the kingdom of bicycles, China has seen a rapid economic development and now the car rules the road. But in Chengdu, a growing subculture of hip young cyclists is learning how to have fun on the road. Patrick Hutchison joins them

The insider's guide to Chengdu, China: where to shop, eat and stay

The best hotels, shops, restaurants and entertainment in the Sichuan capital of Chengdu, central China

Paul Theroux: 10 places that changed me

From Belfast's ‘civilised' anarchy in the 80s to Vietnam's lessons in forgiveness, Paul Theroux recalls the destinations that have thrilled, intrigued and even terrified him

Hong Kong: The Grand Hyatt

Situated in Hong Kong's nerve centre, The Grand Hyatt will satisfy business travellers and holidaymakers alike, says Chris Michael

Hong Kong: The Peninsula

For unparalleled comfort and refined elegance, The Peninsula Hong Kong is obsessive about attention to detail — and it shows, says Chris Michael

12 of the best city news tweeters across the globe

A new group of Twitter users are chronicling the latest events from the world's most exciting cities — in 140 characters or less. Lucy Thackray follows some of the best

Masculine vs feminine hotel style

As hyper-masculine hotel Belgraves establishes itself in London, other hotels around the world are appealing to the female traveller. But should they be choosing sides? By Mark Jones

Eight of the world's fastest cities

With speedy takeaway coffees and good escalator etiquette, these cities' pulses beat that bit faster

Hotels, restaurants and days out in Hong Kong

Luxury hotels, authentic restaurants and great family days out in bustling Hong Kong

Contemporary Photography in Asia

A stunning new book celebrates modern Asian photography

John Simpson: Letter from China

There was a time, not very long ago, when no one went to China; no one, that is, except a few foreign businessmen, one or two diplomats and maybe half a dozen journalists

Travel like Bond: five of the best destinations in Skyfall

As James Bond makes his 23rd silver-screen outing with Skyfall, follow his lead in true 007 style in the destinations featured in the film. They've been expecting you, says Paul Henderson

Meet the ParalympicsGB athletes

In Beijing, ParalympicsGB came second in the medal table. Now with the home advantage, 
it's time to raise their game. Jane Dunford and Rob Crossan meet the stars taking aim at the gold

Shanghai's street food

Shanghai is a city of world-class dining. But it is the indigenous cuisine at its inauspicious street joints, back-alley kitchens and night food 
markets that truly tempts Michael Booth

Hong Kong: then and now

As Hong Kong marks the 15th anniversary of its return to China, former governor Chris Patten goes back to his old stomping ground to track down old haunts and unearth new treasures

Five of the best Asian cities

Ed Peters counts down five of the best cities in the Far East, with a few top tips on dining out, sightseeing and accommodation

Beijing city guide

Ed Peters recommends the best hotels and restaurants, plus a few hidden gems, in vibrant Beijing

John Simpson: Letter from Hong Kong

You can't knock around the globe as a reporter for decades on end and not bump into the occasional war or revolution. I've racked up 41, I'm afraid; though how sad is it to sit down and add them all up, as I've just done? But compared with one friend of mine, I'm a mere beginner. She is one of the great foreign correspondents of the second half of the 20th century, and she recently celebrated her 100th birthday

Weekend break: Shanghai

Nowhere in the world do the past and future jostle each other so excitingly as in China’s most vibrant city. Mark Jones soaks up the atmosphere

The tallest hotels in the world

The world’s tallest buildings are home to the latest hotels achieving new heights in ambition, says Nick Boulos

Liz Jones' guide to Hong Kong

Renowned for its awe-inspiring skyscrapers, buzzing nightlife and designer shopping, the island has another side that's rural, wild and undiscovered. Liz Jones explores its alter ego

Shanghai: Tony Parsons

History meets the future in this glittering boomtown — Tony Parsons laps it in Shanghai

A novel encounter with Hong Kong

Author Will Rhode gave Hong Kong short shrift in his novel White Ghosts. But returning to the city on the 10th anniversary of its handover was the perfect opportunity to reassess