John Simpson sets foot in Australia

With a career spanning five decades and having reported from all over the world, John Simpson has been nearly everywhere – except Australia. Now, for the first time, the BBC world affairs editor reports exclusively for High Life from the Antipodes

Quiz: Can you match the Olympic stadium to its host city?

With a sporting summer well under way, High Life looks at the stadiums that have played (and still will play) their part in Olympic Games around the world. Do you know your Bird’s Nest from your Maracanã?

High note: Jessie J performs live show onboard British Airways jet

Find out what happened when the British singer hosted a street party-themed gig onboard a BA plane in Sydney, Australia

The world’s best beaches 2016: best beaches for wildlife

For those who would rather swap crowds for crocodiles, explore these untouched beaches with flourishing wildlife away from the masses

Nine cities with amazing beaches

Why choose between relaxing on white sand by day and the buzz of a city at night? In these places you get the both worlds

60 second interview: Grayson Perry

The Turner prize-winning artist reveals his problem with holiday snaps, the one thing he won’t travel without, and why you’ll never hear him talk about his bucket list

Treks appeal: Hiking Australia's most unusual route

Ianthe Butt braves rats and dehydrated camping food to follow the challenging trail through Australia’s otherworldly Hinchinbrook Island. It’s a hike that’s considered one of the world’s most unusual – just 40 walkers are allowed to trek it at any one time. Photography by Ben Roberts

Five ways to see the Great Barrier Reef

Avoid the crowds to truly appreciate Australia’s stunning reef, says Jessica Teas. Here are five different ways to explore the area's vibrant and colourful marine life

All through the night: 24-hour cities

As London’s Tube prepares to run round-the-clock, author William Boyd reports on the rise of the 21st-century, 24-hour megacities, while High Life’s global stringers set out to find the true nonstop metropolises which never sleep

From dusk ’til dawn: five unexpected things to do after dark

In 2015, cities never sleep. Whether you’re jetlagged or a night owl, here’s guide to some of the more unusual late-night activities to indulge in around the world

Finding Wonderland: DBC Pierre’s wine tour of South Australia

DBC Pierre knows good wine — which in his native Australia now includes Adelaide’s more curious wineries that boast an anarchic attitude, a cult following and rare vintages that have sold out within 36 hours. In a bacchanalian quest for the best of the bunch, he went knocking on cellar doors

Australia’s best vegetarian restaurants

Adelaide-based chef and TV presenter Simon Bryant continues Meat Free Week by picking his favourite vegetarian restaurants in Australia

20 of the world's coolest shops

If Fashion Week wasn't enough to satisfy your couture cravings, Harriet Walker sources the best burgeoning boutiques and full-on empires

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Celebrate the festive season with a yuletide tipple or a New Year toast. But where? Jane Dunford ‘researches' the best bars

The Winter Sun Q&A

Want a sunshine break but can't face planning it? Start right here with the help of our expert panel. From lazy beach breaks to trekking sun-drenched mountains, they have it covered

Across Australia in a Mini

Celebrating the Mini’s 50th anniversary, Gavin Green recreates his father’s historic drive across Australia’s arid red centre from Sydney to Perth