The magical allure of Europe’s Christmas markets

Adam Jacot de Boinod, author of The Meaning of Tingo and former researcher for QI, investigates the unique appeal of Europe’s best Christmas markets

Five European destinations best visited in summer

While Europe sizzles in the summer months, the crowds also swell. Luckily for you, High Life has handpicked five short-haul holiday ideas where you can make the most of the warm weather but still escape the crowds.

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Dave Cornthwaite quit his job to skateboard across Australia. Since then he has pedalled a tandem bicycle from Vancouver to Las Vegas, paddleboarded the Mississippi River and trekked across the Atacama Desert... all on a budget. Here he suggests five bold, brilliant breaks that anyone can do — and that won’t cost the earth

Ten of this winter’s most exciting resorts (and when to visit them)

Even the most dedicated powder hounds know that there’s more to a ski holiday than just carving up the slopes. From comedy and culinary festivals to ice climbing and hot air ballooning, here are Gabriella Le Breton’s top tips for which resorts are particularly hot this winter — and when it’s best to visit them

12 of Europe’s most curious Christmas Markets

Think all Christmas Markets are the same? Think again. From touring Santa’s bedroom to mastering the principals of feng shui, there’s a whole world of al fresco festive retail out there. Issy D’Arcy Clark picks on for each day of Christmas

On the road with… James Bay

The English singer and songwriter talks about his life on tour, from headlining highs in Montreal to meeting Eric Clapton at the airport

Weekend break: Geneva

Though one of the smallest cities in the world, Geneva packs in luxury shopping, superb restaurants, spas and mountains views — and all just an hour’s flight away. Perfect for a weekend break, says Alice Tate

Switzerland: Wellness and Spa Hotel Ermitage Schonried, Gstaad

With spellbinding views of snow-capped peaks, a serene spa and plenty of Swiss charm, this stylish hotel is perfect for an escape in the mountains, says Ianthe Butt

The highs and highers of the Tour de France

It’s one of the toughest races in the world covering more than 2,000 miles in 21 days. This year’s Tour de France will once again push contestants to the limit, with seven mountain stages, four of them in the French Alps. Gavin Green gets on his bike and experiences the gruelling course first hand

City hot spot: St Johann, Basel

If you’re in town for Art Basel, consider a detour to this on-the-up neighbourhood. Primarily a residential area and famous for its park, 
a slew of new openings means that St Johann is having a moment

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From a hair-raising hike in Malaga to Chicago’s answer to the High Line, here is our guide to the world’s best new walking trail

Life in close-up with adventure cameraman Keith Partridge

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Six of the best ski resorts for late season snow

It’s still not too late to hit the slopes. While some resorts start winding down in March, there are others that are covered in the white stuff as late as May. Sunshine Flint picks six reliable spring snow spots

Switzerland: Château Gütsch, Lucerne

With sweeping views over Lake Lucerne, spruced-up interiors and a top-notch restaurant, this magical hilltop castle is the stuff of modern fairy tales, says Ianthe Butt

The ultimate ski guide: the Alps

Felice Hardy picks seven of the best ski resorts in the Alps, for every type of snow holiday

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In the footsteps of Thomas Cook

It was a journey that transformed a country. Best-selling author Diccon Bewes retraces the first conducted tour of Switzerland and the birth of modern tourism

Geneva: Mandarin Oriental

Whether you're in Geneva for business or for the pleasures of the city's sights and shopping, the Mandarin Oriental makes for a calm and luxurious base, says Lucy Thackray

Five ways to see the real Geneva

The booming business and banking city isn't all five-star hotels and flash restaurants — its efficient tram system can take you to many hidden treasures, says Lucy Thackray

The possibilities of time travel

The History Keepers author Damian Dibben on the timeless appeal of time travel

Masculine vs feminine hotel style

As hyper-masculine hotel Belgraves establishes itself in London, other hotels around the world are appealing to the female traveller. But should they be choosing sides? By Mark Jones

Never too late to learn to ski?

How hard is it for a 50-something scaredy-cat to get over his fear of action holidays and try something new? Thanks to some firm persuasion from his wife, ski novice Tim Lott is about to find out in the Swiss Alps

What's your skiing stereotype?

Skiers: are you a Backcountry Clubber, Lycra Lad or Creche-test Dummy? Find out which and where should you go to enjoy the snow

Alain de Botton introduces Generation Curious

High Life magazine is nearly 40 years old. Its readers have changed from being a jet-set elite to a global, democratic and very mobile tribe. For the modern globetrotter, luxury has been supplanted by experience as the main goal. Alain de Botton is curious...

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The Alps are becoming ever more stylish. Anne Hardy picks six of the best new openings

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Zurich for less

Think Switzerland is too swanky for a bargain break? Take in world-class architecture, slick Swiss design and betwitching scenery - for much less than you'd expect