Mexico: a fashion wonderland

High in the mountains of San Luis Potosí lies a fantasyland of dreamlike sculptures and curious, otherworldly constructions. Caroline Egremont tells the story of its wildly eccentric creator, poet Edward James. Photography by Kate Martin. Styling by Laury Smith

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The bearded frontman talks wild fans, gifts to remember and returning to the Greek Islands

Knockout: how female boxing is taking over Mexico

Mexico is the only country in the world where female boxers – a source of intense national pride – are treated like superstars and watched by millions. Faris Mustafa meets the women fighting against the odds – and changing the face of pugilism

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A wildlife road trip on Mexico’s Baja California Sur

From stroking grey whales to snorkelling with sea lions, there are plenty of wild adventures on this Mexican peninsula. British naturalist and eco-adventurer Catherine Capon shares five of the best

Then and now: what has changed in travel?

When High Life launched in 1973, travel to some of today’s holiday hot spots was unappealing, risky or impossible, says The Independent’s senior travel editor, Simon Calder

The Mex big food thing: Ensenada, Mexico

On the coast of the Baja California Peninsula, sleepy Ensenada is a rising gourmet capital. Chef, and owner of the Wahaca restaurants, Thomasina Miers heads down Mexico way to meet the new generation of visionaries cooking up a storm

What I pack: the curios collector

Viktor Wynd is a collector and dealer of curios found on his travels — from occultist paintings to mermaid skeletons. He runs The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art and Natural History in east London. Here, he reveals his travel essentials

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From secluded Icelandic pools to underground swimming holes in Mexico, Kate Rew, director of the Outdoor Swimming Society, picks her ultimate spots for wild swimming

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In a crowded world, new buildings — and even cities — are increasingly being built underground. Here’s what’s going down

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10 of the best restaurants in Mexico City

DBC Pierre knows exactly where to go for a taste of the real Mexico (being mindful of travel and safety at night)

Mexico City's fascinating food scene

If anywhere could make the Paris and New York food scenes look stagnant, it’s Mexico City. The nation’s cuisine has even been awarded Unesco World Heritage status — a global first. Novelist DBC Pierre gets a mouthful

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10 of the best places to rest your head in colourful Mexico City, chosen by TripAdvisor

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Six top family and travel bloggers choose their favourite hotels and resorts that go the extra mile for their littlest guests

Eight of the world's fastest cities

With speedy takeaway coffees and good escalator etiquette, these cities' pulses beat that bit faster

Noche de Rabanos: the radish carving festival in Oaxaca, Mexico

On 23 December, Oaxacans showcase intricate carvings made of specially-grown giant radishes

The Urban Reef in Cancun's underwater museum

As marine life at Cancun's underwater museum MUSA moves into a detached dwelling complete with chimney and windows, BA High Life arranges a viewing

Where to shop, eat and see art in Mexico City

The best restaurants, galleries and cantinas in arty Mexico City

Mexico City's art scene

Mexico City is buzzing with opportunity and creativity. And nowhere is this more evident than its art scene, where 
great wealth and edgy artists make an intoxicating mix, says James Scott Linville

Mexico's Mayan past

At the end of 2012, the Mayan calendar is predicting a time of great prosperity and celebration in Mexico. To mark this unique event, Simon Calder takes a tour of one of the most fascinating regions on earth

The Yucatan Peninsula

A trip to Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula wouldn't be complete without visiting the towering ruins of Chichen Itza

The Yucatan Peninsula

With its ancient ruins, quartz-sand beaches and intriguing colonial towns, Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula is as close to paradise as it gets. As British Airways’ new flight to Cancún takes off, Claire Wrathall goes exploring

Celebrity travel: Aminatta Forna on Guadalajara

The novelist laps up Mexico’s empty beaches, tranquil waters – and pizzas the size of manta rays

A taste of Mexico

On a gastronomic tour Fiona Sims discovers that it’s not just the chillies that are making Mexican food so darn hot right now

Mexico: Riviera Maya

With a whole host of new chic hotel openings, Angelina Villa-Clarke discovers Riviera Maya, the latest ‘It’ destination

Journey to Mexico's Copper Canyon

From the Aztec ruins of the capital to the rugged beauty of Sierra Madre, Hugh Thomson journeys off the beaten track all the way to Mexico’s majestic 400-mile Copper Canyon