Vending machine cuisine in Amsterdam

Dino Georgiou
18 June 2014

Burgers from a vending machine? Not quite what blogger Nadine Sykora bargained for when she took a foodie trip to Amsterdam...

'Hamburgers that come from the wall!' Exclaims YouTube blogger ('vlogger') Nadine Sykora on discovering FEBO in Amsterdam. FEBO is food that comes out of the wall — a vending machine for fast food, as if it needed to be any faster. There are 60 of them in Amsterdam, where British Airways sent Nadine on a food-finding mission this summer.

What started out as a bakery in Amsterdam named Maison FEBO in 1919 evolved into just FEBO by 1941, a vending machine company selling French fries, croquettes & burgers from Amsterdam's walls. FEBO provides even the most hurried visitors something to eat that is quick and easy with practically no queuing time or human contact (also great for antisocial types).

In her Amsterdam video, Nadine gives FEBO's croquettes a taste test (deep fried mashed potato with hints of curry sauce and beef, apparently), giving a resounding verdict of 'so odd!' If you're hankering for something a little more exotic, the 'Samurai Burger' sounds intriguing.

Check out Nadine and her vlogging buddy Laura's taste of Amsterdam (including raw herring) in the video below:

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