On the road with… Phil Collins

Andy Morris
04 November 2016

The iconic drummer on visiting Graceland and why he loves German steak tartare when he’s on tour

The album No Jacket Required was inspired by the harsh dress code at The Pump Room in Chicago. Ever been back? No! I kept talking about it though. Eventually the restaurant sent me a white jacket with paint splattered over it. The note said: ‘You can wear this any time you want... just stop talking about us.

Favourite musical pilgrimage? I once went to Graceland with Robert Plant – the guides are very gushy. I remember Robert saying, ‘Just shut up and show us around.’

In 1978 alone Genesis toured Europe three times, North America twice, and JapanThat tour ended with my first divorce. Touring was different then – you went away to war, unsure when you were coming back. By the time you did, sometimes your kids had learned to drive.  

What’s on your rider? In the mid-1980s I went through a period of liking steak tartare. Every time I arrived in a dressing room in Germany, there would be these hamburger patties that had just thawed. No Tabasco, onions, egg – just raw meat. 

Best in-flight experience? Concorde. When I travelled across the Atlantic for Live Aid, Cher was on the same flight and I was in awe because of I Got You Babe. She said: ‘Could you get me into Live Aid?’ I said: ‘You’re Cher! You don’t need me. Just turn up!’