On the road with… Jamie Jones

Issy D’Arcy Clark
01 May 2015

The producer and DJ talks about his life on tour, from his first gig abroad in Mexico to partying with P. Diddy in Miami

First gig abroad?
In Mexico in 2004. I got thrown off the decks after half an hour and they put the owner’s daughter on to sing karaoke.

Biggest on-the-road indulgence?
Really nice sushi and TV shows like Sex and the City or Girls — balanced out with Game of Thrones and The Wire.

Unexpected favourite?

I DJ’d at a festival in Thailand called Wonderfruit. It felt really cool, no one was there to make money, they just wanted to have fun.

Most unforgettable night?
I once ended up at P. Diddy’s house in Miami. Diddy was just raving on his own by the pool, blowing a whistle. 
No one else was dancing, but he was just loving the music.

Your anthem on the road?
Grace Jones’ Walking in the Rain. I’m an 80s child so I love the vibe, the fashion, the movies. She’s an icon — and she’s a Jones.

Read on for Jamie Jones' Ultimate Guide to Ibiza:

The Bar
 I really like the food at Bambudda Grove, I've been going there for years, it's nice to a little bit early and have a few cocktails at the bar – my favourite drink on the menu is the Mitochondrialeve - it's made up of sake, coconut, chili, galangal, lime, basi, ginger and lemongrass.

The Club
DC10 still remains one of the best clubs in the world – I've been there more than any other club in the world, literally hundreds of times, and every time has always been good to amazing, because of the crowd and the atmosphere that the club generates alone

The Beach
I'm not much of a beach person but I do enjoy the ocean, so my favourite place is the flat rocks at Punta Galera – it's beautiful, and you can jump right into the ocean from the rocks, and it's great for snorkelling

The Restaurant
Wild Beets – I mainly eat vegan food these days, I have seafood occasionally – but this place has saved me in Ibiza as it's really healthy and really good food

Favourite Ibiza Memory
My first time in Manumission, I was on holiday in 1998 – the sun had come up and Farley Jackmaster Funk was playing to 8,000 people in the main room of Privilege.  He dropped the biggest song of that time – Stardust Music Sounds Better with You.  There's a kick drum solo in the middle of the record, he scratched and looped the kick over and over, using vinyl of course, for about a minute, and when the tune dropped, 8,000 people went berserk – from that moment, I knew I would be coming back to this island for a long time.

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