Ibiza: The Body Camp

Daisy Jordan
24 August 2016

More often associated with hedonistic partying, Ibiza isn’t the obvious choice for a detox. But when Daisy Jordan swaps mojitos for meditation at this fitness retreat on the White Isle, she’s delighted with the results

Despite confident assurances of an entire lifestyle transformation by the time I head home, I’m sceptical about how much my attitude to diet and fitness can really change in one week. But within hours of being driven up the rocky tracks towards secluded villa Can Batista, it’s clear to see the team at Ibiza’s The Body Camp are experts at bringing out the best in people.

As I tuck into the first healthy dinner of my stay, CEO Kate Whale reels off how they plan to make the next seven days as invigorating as possible. From the wide range of infused and filtered waters on offer to the goal-specific portion sizes, it appears every base is covered.

The fitness retreat is set within the northern hills of the island, which are said to have ‘healing properties’. The spacious main villa is contemporary in style, with modern art adorning the walls, and the swimming pool (complete with inflatable Pegasus), hammock and terraced gardens provide a tranquil setting. After 24 hours, I can already feel myself starting to unwind.

Forget crawling in the mud to achieve the body of your dreams. The Body Camp’s ethos is all about mind over matter, and head trainer Rick Parcell’s motivational talks are incredibly encouraging. Having said that, it’s not difficult to get energised when sporting activities consist of touch rugby, races in the pool while wearing comical wigs, and dance classes to the soundtrack of Michael Jackson. Once you’ve worked up a sweat, evening yoga and meditation sessions will leave you feeling zen and ready to tackle the following day.

When it comes to food, every meal is different. Breakfast might consist of protein pancakes topped with fermented cashew yoghurt and berries (more delicious than it sounds), while lunch could be octopus and feta salad. The raw pad Thai is a major highlight, which in-house chef Ben Whale teaches the group to recreate during one of his cookery demos.

Foodies aside, beauty junkies will love it here, too, as you’re treated to a complimentary massage and a mini manicure or pedicure. There is also a wide variety of holistic treatments to choose from if you’re looking to indulge your spiritual side, with everything from reiki to palm-reading on offer.

The team are so welcoming, they quickly become your friends.

They cater for any dietary requirement you can possibly imagine – and the food tastes fantastic.

The villa’s outdoor meditation areas will make the most uptight city-slickers switch off in an instant.

When you leave the villa, it’s up to you to stay motivated. Prepare to return home with a crash.

With such a packed schedule, it’s hard to find any alone time.

Thanks to a team with decades of experience between them, this indulgent fitness retreat really does achieve results.

The Body Camp runs weekly programmes starting every Saturday from 27 August 2016 until the end of November. Prices from £1250 for full-board including the programme and one treatment, excluding flights. The Body Camp, Finca Can Batista, Calle Venda des Mortar No 3, 07812 San Juan Bautista, Ibiza, Spain (01584 550803;