Sierra Leone

Lessons learned from travelling to 217 countries

It’s the ultimate travel ambition: visiting every country on Earth. After 1,426 days and four passports, Graham Hughes ticked off the final country on his itinerary, South Sudan — which didn’t even exist when he started the trip. He tells Emine Saner what seeing the world taught him

Five of the best Sierra Leone hotels

Five of the best hotels in Freetown and surrounding Sierra Leone, one of West Africa's most breathtaking destinations

Memories of Freetown, Sierra Leone

Aminatta Forna is a Scottish-born novelist who grew up in Sierra Leone, and her memoir, The Devil that Danced on the Water, describes her childhood there. Here she recalls the places and things that evoke her childhood

An African adventure: Sierra Leone

Even after a decade of democracy, Sierra Leone's reputation is still blighted by the civil war. Yet it is one of the safest countries in West Africa with breathtaking beaches, rich natural resources and a vibrant culture says Stephanie Ross