Nigeria's colonial-era members' clubs

Barnaby Phillips looks into the thriving, yet unexpected, scene of the British colonial-era members' club in Nigeria

Lagos Fashion Week

As soon as New York, London, Milan and Paris are over, a second wave of less famous but no less fascinating fashion weeks takes off, from Alaska to Zambia. With Lagos turning fashion heads all over the world, can it take on the big four? Yinka Ibukun finds out

Nightlife and culture in Lagos

As his series on barbershop culture goes on display in London, Nigerian photographer Andrew Esiebo shares his cultural tips for vibrant Lagos

Keith's connections: Nigeria

A new column by a frequent flyer*. This month, visiting the King of Lagos and Nollywood in Abuja

Lagos: heart of Nigerian hip hop

With Nigeria’s newly invigorated music scene finally emerging from the shadows of highlife and imported US hip-hop, Yinka Ibukun explores the jumping sound of Naija. Photography by Adolphus Opara